Travel Diary: Rijeka, Croatia 2016

Finally, the time is here and I can write about one of my biggest fervors. Traveling.
Last week, my boyfriend and I packed our swimsuits and sunnies and fly over to Rijeka.

And we had such an amazing time. Seriously, one of my favorite vacations so far!
We stayed at our friend Stella’s house. And she and her bf were such great hosts. So lovely. We felt really welcome and homelike. They showed us around the city, took us to little cafés and magical beaches.
Let me tell you, the sea there is crystal clear. And even though it was already the end of August the water still was nice and warm.

Travel Diary: Rijeka, CRO 2016

Even it seems a little cold in this picture. Believe me, it was warm!

As I have a huge interest in all things home-related, interior, exterior.. you name it.
I was totally delighted with all the charming little details. There was molding all over the place, little balconies with trimming and window shutters. Omg, those shutters. ADORABLE. Sadly they aren’t a big thing in most German cities, we should have them in every house. As well as trimming.

Travel Diary: Rijeka, CRO 2016

Travel Diary: Rijeka, CRO 2016

Travel Diary: Rijeka, CRO 2016

You see. shutters. shutters. shutters.

One day we took a bus and drove over to Opatija. A magical little city, right on the sea. So chic and magic. It really reminded me of someplace like a Mediterranean Paris or so. We strolled along the beach walk next to the sea. Stopped at a little beach and took a swim and had such a great time. Everything in Opatija feels so luxurious and chilled at the same time. I really can’t wait to get back there.

Travel Diary: Rijeka, CRO 2016


Travel Diary: Rijeka, CRO 2016

Travel Diary: Rijeka, CRO 2016


As a vegan person in Rijeka

I’m really not that complicated when it comes to food. When I have some fresh fruits, veggies, and bread I’m totally fine. Therefore the market in Rijeka is the perfect spot to shop. The air is full of delicious aroma. Spices, fruits, veggies, flowers.. and everything is fresh. For the bus ride back to the airport I took peaches and grapes with me. They tasted so real.
And even for non-fruit muncher, the market is great. They also have a place where they sell fish and meat. Win-win for everyone.

Travel Diary: Rijeka, CRO 2016



Aside from all the beautiful architecture, great weather, and the freshest fruits, and just hanging around and enjoying ourselves and the sea.  Stella and I went one day on a little blogger photo shooting. And yes. She is god damn talented. She captured me so beautifully effortless. WOW. I love the pictures and the next time I visit Rijeka we’ll go out for shootings every. single. day. haha.
Also, I hope my next trip to Rijeka will be not as much a chill-out / touristy holiday as this one was. But we were just too relaxed for proper blog / Insta work.


Want to see more of Stella’s work? Click  here

Also, pardon the pictures, I’m still practicing to work with my camera.

Much love, Ilka x




  1. 24. November 2017 / 14:20

    Fantastic info, Cheers!

    • Ilka
      7. December 2017 / 09:26

      I’m glad you like it xx

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