The gift guide for homebodies




Gift guide for homebodies

These are my top ten gifts for homebodies. All the items listed below are things I would be overly excited about and as I’m quite a homely person I thought what better way to kick off my little Gift Guide series as with things homely persons would enjoy.


Gift ideas for homebodies

  1. Cologne

    This is for sure something more pricey and really personal. But when you know what perfume the other one uses it’s a safe and wonderful gift. Because most times I don’t want to spend my money on perfume and wish for it on Christmas or my birthday. Lately, I’m really in blooming but still comfy odors. Like the Chloé

  2. For the home

    The perfect something for a homebody is something for the home! H&M is always a good place for low-cost but chic decorations for the home. Little nick- nacks, cushions or kitchen supplies. H&M home has it all. Little Ornaments  here

  3. Cozy homeware

    I practically live in comfy cloth. Some people even never have me seen fully dressed. Haha.
    A fun sweater and a pair of leggings  ( topknot and boots ) and I are ready to go. Sure PJ’s are as good as loungewear, but trust me, people think you lost your mind when you go shopping in PJ pants. (Been there. Done that!)  The sweater is from Even&Odd and I love the washed out pink. Leggings. I’m not a sweatpants person. I like my trousers tight. So I’m always in for leggings. And most of my pants actually are leggings. You can find the pair I currently fancy here

  1. Skin/Body- care

    A nice face mask, body cream or something for the bath. You can never go wrong with a little spa treatment. For me, natural products are always a go. And when you gift Skin-care, something natural always makes others feel special and you can be sure it’s free of nasty ingredients. For me, The Bodyshop always is a perfect place for Christmas presents. They have great offers and wonderful products.  Shop  here

  2. Jewelry Dish

    Another little piece of homeware. I love little trays. You can put bits and bobs on there without losing things or cluttering your space. Especially on the nightstand, desk or entryway table are jewelry dishes a key. The one I adore is from Kate Spade  here

  3. A Blanket

    Who doesn’t like to cuddle on the sofa or even walks around in his house wrapped like a burrito? A nice blanket is a great gift and can vary from mid to high price range. The one I found is from ARCTIC and made of new wool. Plus the herringbone pattern makes it really chic.  here

  4. Candle

    This was (for sure) the first thing I thought off when thinking about a great gift for someone who loves staying at home. There are lots of candles and again you can pay more or less. The Parks London are perfect as gifts, they have nice scents and come in a cute little box.  here

  5. Drinkware

    Every homebody loves coffee or tea. So what is better than a mug. You can find really cool ones at Urban Outfitters, homeware stores or even Asos or you simply design your own. Personalized presents are always the bests. And if your homebody isn’t into hot drinks, smoothie mug (what’s the actual name?) or water bottle.

  6. Warm feet

    Maybe it’s just me, but I have always cold feed. And from September till April, I LIVE in my Ugg boots. Except when I have comfy slippers or thick socks. Besides this, even thin socks are a great gift. I’m currently in love with the Ugg slippers and they will be on my Christmas Wishlist this year.  See them  here

Much love, Ilka x


  1. 22. November 2016 / 21:01

    I think I want the Calvin Klein leggings. Great idea too. I’ll be using this for sure. -Jocelyne

    • Ilka
      22. November 2016 / 21:59

      Thank you so much Jocelyne
      The CK leggings are great, aren‘t they. I totally need them. Haha.
      So glad you like the post! Much love, Ilka x

  2. 22. November 2016 / 20:40

    I should get all of these for next winter.

    • Ilka
      22. November 2016 / 20:45

      Haha. For sure! (me too) Much love, Ilka x

    • Ilka
      22. November 2016 / 20:43

      Me too. And I’m glad you like them as well.
      Much love, Ilka x

    • Ilka
      22. November 2016 / 19:40

      Thank you Tiffany 🙂 I’m glad you like it.
      Much love, Ilka x

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