How I take and edit my blog photos

How to create bright blog photos | www.ilkaeliseb.comToday’s post got inspired by my dear blogging friend AJ, she asked me if I could show how I edit my blog photos.  So here we go. I don’t feel like I adjust them a lot. I always try to get the best possible shot and just play around with the exposure afterward.


Step No. 1  My Camera + setting

For all of my blog photos and even for most of my Instagram images, I use my Olympus PEN E-PL7. It is hands down, the best camera I ever used. The Pen is super handy, easy to navigate and takes beautiful pictures. The flappable screen makes her the perfect ‘blogger’ / selfie camera.  When shooting in AUTO you can also choose in the menu to change the brightness or blur effect.  Don’t hate me, but my camera is most times in AUTO setting. Just when I have a big post shooting and know the lightning won’t change I set up everything in M.  As I just have the standard 14-42 mm lens (which is totally fine!) I often increase the blur effect. So my background is a little washed out.

I’m more than happy with my camera and lens. But later this year I’ll invest in a new lens, the 45 mm one. It’s the best for perfect blurry background blog photos.


No. 2 Blog photo styling + background

Another important step before I actually edit my images on my computer is the preparation. I like my photos in a certain style. For that, I choose a background and create a composition.
First the background. I like my images to be light and bright. So I always choose a white surface. As my white dining table, fabric (bedding, carpet, or cushions), or something with a little bit more interest like my marble desk or windowsill.
Second the styling. My favorite accessories for photo shootings are natural products. Such as fresh flowers (or even some slightly faded roses), leaves or little bits and bobs I find outside. Beside natural products, I love using my favorite pieces of jewelry, perfume, stationery, books, and magazines. Lately, I also found the joy in using glitter confetti. So so pretty!


No. 2.5  LIGHT

That is maybe the most important step. Lightning is key. If you have bad light your images will be washed out and fuzzy! That’s also the point I struggle with most. As the weather in Germany is most times cloudy and dark. I always shot my blog photos in front of a window so I can make most out of the natural light. If you live in a ‘dark’ country like me, maybe think about investing in a softbox. They are around 50€ on Amazon and definitely the next blog investment I’ll take!
As you can see in the picture, I always shoot in front of my window with the curtains closed. So The light isn’t as harsh.


Blog photos editing  No. 3 Photoshop

I edit all my pictures for my blog in Photoshop and as I said in the beginning, I try to take the best-looking pictures as possible, so I don’t need to edit that much.

Step by step Photoshop:


  1. I insert the image in Photoshop and check for any blemishes (like dust on the surface, car hair etc.) If I find any ‘dirt’ I retouch it with the repair tool.
    I don’t actually retouch myself in portraitsI believe it’s daffy because people who met you in real life will see it immediately. Because you don’t look photoshopped. Stay true to yourself.
  2. Next step (depends on the picture and lightning) I duplicate the layer and multiply the negative.  I believe it makes the image really nice and bright.
  3. My final steps in Photoshop are just bringing up the exposure & brightness a little and play around with contrast, tone and curve. Viola. That’s it. No big Photoshop magic.
How to create bright blog photos | www.ilkaeliseb.comNo. 4 graphic design

Some of you may say: You can do all the graphic design bits in Photoshop as well! And yes, you’re right. But I don’t have Photoshop on my Laptop,  for Photoshop I use my boyf’s work computer. So when I’m done with my actual  Photoshop work I switch back to my Macbook and design my Pinterest images or blog title picture. For that I use Canva is a free online graphic design website with tons of cool design ideas, layouts etc. and it’s super easy to use. I highly suggest you, to check out Canva.


How to create bright blog photos |

How to create bright blog photos |

How to create bright blog photos |

How to create bright blog photos | www.ilkaeliseb.comAnd there you have it. My little guide on how I take and edit bright blog photos.
What are some of your tips and tricks for perfectly blog pictures? Please share them in the comments below.

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The camera I use is the Olympus PEN E-PL7



Much love, Ilka x


  1. 15. January 2017 / 18:38

    This is a pretty awesome and helpful post.

    • Ilka
      15. January 2017 / 20:11

      I’m so glad you find it helpful, Tammy.
      Much love, Ilka x

  2. 9. January 2017 / 01:27

    Thank.Thank . you for the camera suggestion! I’m looking to up my photo game and this is very useful!

    • Ilka
      9. January 2017 / 06:48

      I’m so happy it helped you, Sarah. 🙂
      Much love, Ilka x

    • Ilka
      3. January 2017 / 08:48

      I feel honored. I’m glad you like it.
      Much love, Ilka x

  3. 2. January 2017 / 22:19

    I have an Olympus as well and I love it! I have the Mark II and I’m not too sure why I was recommended that as opposed to the PEN but I still love it. I upgraded to the f/1.8 45 mm lens a few months after my camera purchase and I am seriously obsessed with it. The background blur is my favourite!!

    xx Victoria

    • Ilka
      3. January 2017 / 08:47

      The most important thing is, that you love your camera! 🙂
      I plan on buying the 45mm lens this year, I hear so many great things about it and love the results.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing… Much love, Ilka x

  4. 2. January 2017 / 21:37

    These are such great tips! I have a very simple version of photoshop that came with my laptop and it is all I really need! I love your pictures. <3


    • Ilka
      3. January 2017 / 08:44

      Thank you so much Ansleigh, I’m glad you like my photos and that you find my tips helpful.
      Photoshop is such a great program before I started blogging I never used it. But now I love it.
      Much love, Ilka x

    • Ilka
      2. January 2017 / 21:16

      I’m glad you find it helpful. And thank you so much, your’s look great as well!
      Much love, Ilka x

  5. Gabriela
    2. January 2017 / 13:10

    Looks amazing! I also use Canva and Photoshop, but my favorite of all is Facetune to edit the pics and make them stand out even more.

    • Ilka
      2. January 2017 / 13:22

      Thank you so much for sharing, Gabriela! I’ll give it a try.
      Much love, Ilka x

  6. 2. January 2017 / 11:15

    I follow about the same process- get the best shot possible and then play around with the lighting, exposure, etc. I don’t use filters either. Love your images and your style! Thanks for sharing.

    • Ilka
      25. February 2017 / 17:49

      Thank you so much, Heather. <3 I find overly edited pictures not that attracting, so I keep it as simple and natural as possible.
      Much love, Ilka x

  7. 2. January 2017 / 10:48

    Hi Ilka, thank you so much for writing this post!!! I’ve been a huge fan of your photos for so long – they look incredible and this post is so useful!!! Thanks so much!!! I will be pinning it aswell and sharing it. Thank you xxx
    My blog is undergoing a transformation also!

    • Ilka
      2. January 2017 / 11:23

      Hi Aj, thank you so much.
      I’m so happy you inspired me to the post and that you enjoy it. I hope it can help you.
      Thanks for sharing your blog link. Can’t wait to see it when it’s finally all done.
      Much love and a happy new year. Ilka x

  8. 2. January 2017 / 10:04

    Are you using lightroom? love the photos!

    • Ilka
      2. January 2017 / 11:17

      Hi Jas, thanks for commenting. Ahm, nope.
      I just use Photoshop. It’s not on my Macbook (I have to use my boy’s work Computer for that).
      Is lightroom good? Maybe I’ll try it.
      Much love and a happy new year. Ilka x

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