Summer staples

summer summery

For me, summer is all about wild flowers, airy colors and natural textures. Welcoming the sun in a light dress, while reading a litrature classic in a field of wild flowers. Is there really a better was to enjoy summertimes? Nah. I don’t think so! 

To welcome summer into our home, I like to bring nature inside. Picking fresh (seasonal) wild flowers. Integrating natural fibers and textures, such as in linen bedding or cushions or as a wooden side table
Something else, that’s on top of my summery staples, and  therefore can’t be missed in this edit, is my all time favourite scent Mojave Ghost by Byredo. It’s my wedding perfume and brings back the best memories whenever I smell it. It reminds me of sunny days and happy times.

What are some of your summery staples? Which textures, scents or items do you associate with the warm season? 
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