Get shit done. Spring clean for an amazing summer

As the days getting longer and it slowly starts to become warmer, it’s time to get ready for summer – what means spring clean is on the agenda.

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been a little (ok, let’s be honest) I’ve been AFK for almost 2 months. What means I only uploaded almost no blog posts and avoided Instagram completely. It was kind of my Social Media detox. Which lead me to start a Digital declutter and spring clean. I wanted to get to a state of enjoying myself again. So here is what I did;

spring clean 2018

Spring clean bases

Here are the guidelines I set myself;

  • Stop eating junk! Which means I also had to get rid of all the crappy food we had stocked (and pressure my boyfriend to stop buying rubbish food).
  • Work out regularly. One of my coworkers and I made a little challenge so we can compete against each other (to motivate us), plus I got back into running – two times per week.
  • Take care of your skin. Don’t skip your skincare routine, pamper yourself regularly and don’t forget to shave your legs.
  • Change your wardrobe. Out with the old/winter cloth and in with the fresh spring/summer wardrobe. And don’t forget your purse!
  • Declutter your home. Go through all your junk drawers and boxes of stuff and sort out what you really need- and get rid of the rest! After sorting give everything a good clean. Most importantly your windows, so the spring light can illuminate your home.
  • Sort out your phone and computer! I believe I’m not the only one who likes to hoard images, files, emails and more. Go through everything and delete what you don’t need any longer! Rebecca from From Roses wrote a great post about a Digital  Declutter, you should check out!
  • Take care of yourself. I read a lot (like actually A TON), I met with friends, had coffee dates with my mom and planned my summer holidays. All things that are good for the soul.


Enjoy yourself

For me, spring is the time to renew and improve yourself.
And I find the most important thing is, to enjoy yourself, no matter what you do.
So make sure you do everything in your power to be happy.  x



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