Skincare adjustments for the colder months

skincare adjustments for the colder months

As we are in mid- November and it got super cold (we already had a touch of frost) I thought it might be time to share with you my skincare adjustments for A/W. Because when you’re like me and as soon as it get’s cold your skin feels lizard-like, it’s time for some additional skincare!  Don’t you think?
The products I’ll talk about in this post are some of my favorites to use while this time of year and they compliment my usual skincare routine. I would love to hear what your cold-weather skincare adjustments are. Because sharing is caring and I don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to save my skin from the frostiness.

Rich body cream or butter

One of my favorite skin/body care products for A/W is body butter. They moisturize my dry skin enough to not feel like lizard skin. Haha. I mostly use the products from The body shop, my favorite winter scent is Frosted Plum ( it smells really cozy and luxurious). Other body creams I really enjoy are by Origins and Clinique. And a new favorite of mine is the YSL body cream from the Mon Paris range -btw the Mon Paris perfume is on my Christmas wishlist  (it smells just heavenly).


Take your supplements

When you live in an area where sunlight is almost nonexistent while the colder months you should probably think about upping your vitamin game. As we spend a lot of time indoors or with the sun just not shining we lack Vitamin D.
However, I am not a doctor and do not give out any medical advice on this blog.
Before taking anything, you should consult your doctor. You may also want to read up on here and here as well.


Face masks

Face masks are my most loved beauty product and don’t get me wrong, I don’t only use them in winter. But I definitely use them twice as often while the colder months. Especially moisturizing masks are a great skincare adjustment. Classic favorites of mine are the Clinique overnight mask and the Burt’s Bee Intense Hydration mask, as well as Origins products.
But there are also a lot of great (and more affordable) drugstore hydration masks, such as the Sante Moisturizing Mask or the Neutrogena Hydro Boost. Do you use face masks regularly? What are your favorites to use while the colder time of the year?


Spa adjustment

I like to give myself a relaxing spa experience regularly. But one thing I’ll add while it’s cold outside- is going into the sauna. It’s something I really enjoy since I’ve been a youngster. When I was little, my mom once took me to a spa which had a sauna and I loved the heat so much that I wanted to go to a spa every week (haha, who doesn’t want that). Later,  my parents had a sauna in our house, so it’s something I got used to doing while A/W.
A few things to remember when visiting a sauna or steam room: always drink plenty of water(before, in between and after), so you stay hydrated. And afterward (past sauna and cool down) moisturize your skin and stay warm and cozy!


What else
  • Don’t skip the SPF just because it’s cold outside!
  • Exfoliate regularly (even though nobody sees your legs and arm)!
  • Avoid hot water. Here is a post with more winter skin care tips about that.
  • Eat a balanced diet (this is especially important around the holidays)!
  • Wear gloves outside. They’ll keep your hands warm and soft!
  •  Hydrate! (key for soft skin all year round)






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