Self-love note – never give up


The most important relationship in our life is the relationship with ourselves.

But sometimes we forget to value our dreams and get lost in the thought of not being good enough for our dreams.
But we are! And we can accomplish whatever we want! Because we are one of a kind!

So get your to-do list ready, fix your imaginary crown, and do it for yourself – because nobody else will!
Remember, it’s ok to not have it figured out completely just yet, as long as you follow your dreams.

                                Much love, x 


Self-love note | You are one of a kind



How to love yourself: 

– enjoy the process
– be patient with yourself
– take time to make your soul happy
– trust the timing of your life
– keep going


Most importantly, accept who you are. I know it’s hard sometimes, especially nowadays with Social Media showing us how perfect life can be. However, you need to remember that especially Social media is an extremely edited version of life -not that I judge that, but it often isn’t real life. Also, never compare your beginning with somebody else’s middle…



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  1. Stefan
    31. July 2018 / 19:42

    Very good!!

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