Lets talk about self-confidence and not being perfectionistic

Being perfectionistic is my biggest weakness and superpower at the same time. I like my life as I like myself, neat and preppy. Therefore when I know it wouldn’t turn out as I imagined it, I’m most likely not in the mood to even begin.
Especially in terms of blogging, I realized how perfectionistic I am and how often it stopped me.


Blogging. You can do it!

It took me a while to come up with IEB. I mean not just the name, rather the whole concept behind it. (And let me be honest, I’m still not pleased with IEB and on my way of figuring some things out!) I launched IEB nearly three months ago and I have so much fun creating and writing. Plus, I learned a lot about myself. For example,  It’s not always important or even possible to have THE perfect images, with white beaches or Notting Hill in the background, being dressed in Gucci or Chanel, looking like a VS model, having a bomb design, or write something so beautiful everybody will read and enjoy. It’s ok to be imperfect.

Don’t be scared

How often have the following thoughts gone through your mind?

  • Will they enjoy it?
  • Is it pretty enough to show?
  • Will they think it’s not good enough?

As a perfectionist let me tell you:  Being to perfectionistic can stop you from creating great content and discovering new opportunities. For example, as a result of my perfectionism, I don’t post as regular as I wish I would because I love blogging but I often believe my words or images aren’t good enough. But the longer I blog, the more I accept myself and get confident with what I do and how I do it.

And for the future, I have big and beautiful plans for IEB and I won’t let my perfectionism stop me from reaching them. So be exited

Ilka, x

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  1. 31. July 2016 / 01:02

    I just love your strong will and power! Keep up the good work girl! Much love!

    • IlkaB
      31. July 2016 / 07:40

      Thank you so much love. Can’t wait to finally meet you and be inspired xxx

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