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    Our New York wedding

    Why we eloped to New York City … our wedding    Hi-ya, this is a more personal and chatty post than normal. So please excuse my rambling. It took me a while to find the right words and decide on the images I wanted to share regarding our New York City elopement last year. But…

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    Happy 2020! January goals

    New year, same me…   Hello and welcome back. I hope you had a lovely Christmas break and fun New Years Eve. No matter what that means. My favourite way to start a new year is in my pyjamas, with a face mask and hot cuppa tea. But this year it was my turn to…

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    October goals

    Embracing Autumn… How is it already mid-October (like actually?) – I have absolutely no idea! As you may have guessed, I had a busy couple of months. I’ll explain in a bit.  But first I want to share my goals for this month with you. So here we go.  1: Buy a 2020 planner and start…

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    September goals

    Birthday month goals…   A few years ago, for my 25th birthday, I wrote down some goals I want to archive before I turn 30. I’m not thirty yet but I wanted to take the chance and take stock.  The goals (things I want to do/achieve) before I turn 30:  1: go skydiving   2: get married to…

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