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    May goals

    May this month be good… Hi, friends, and happy second day of May. I can’t believe that April is over already. How is time under (semi) lockdown running so fast? Not much has changed though. I’m still crazy busy with work. The weather is still pretty cold and overcast (let’s hope May brings some warmth…

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    The new normal – finding a routine

    The new normal… We’re now at the end of week six in quarantine aka our new normal. And it’s saved to say it’s taking it toll on most people. Everybody is coping with the situation differently and I’m no exception. Even though I’m an introvert and homebody by heart. Having an at-home husband takes some…

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    April goals

    On the agenda for April… I can’t believe it’s finally April. Last month felt like forever. Being trapped indoors slowly taking a toll (even on me). With the weather slowly being nicer and warmer I crave spending time outdoors. Luckily we have two balconies. So let’s pray we all can get back to normal/outdoor life…

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    My hair care heroes + routine

    Great hair day ahead… Just as a heads up: This post may look like it’s sponsored by Kristin Ess, but it’s not! I’m just a big fangirl. For numerous reasons: One, it’s cruelty- free. Two, the formula is amazing (trust me), the zip-up technology really works. And three, Kristin (the founder) is a pro hairstylist/colourist.…

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