Our New York wedding

Why we eloped to New York City … our wedding 


Hi-ya, this is a more personal and chatty post than normal. So please excuse my rambling. It took me a while to find the right words and decide on the images I wanted to share regarding our New York City elopement last year. But here you go. These are just a few (my favourite) pictures and a little note on why we eloped. No big guide on how to elope to NYC. Haha! But if you have any questions, don’t hesitate and reach out to me.

If I’m honest, even before we got engaged I wanted to elop. The thought of a “big” party, and being the centre of attention always scared me. So after J asked me to marry him last Christmas we decided pretty early on that we want to elope. The question was, where to. We knew a few things already, as on which day we want to get married (08/01 – our anniversary day) and that we want to marry at someplace that gives you an international marriage license. So that we don’t need to marry again back in Germany. We plan(ned) on only marrying once. Haha.

And with only 7 months to prepare, we decided on NYC. The city of my dreams – and now our dreams (and wedding). You can see a few pictures from our trip to New York City here – if you’re interested.

On our big day, the lovely Michelle from Wandermore Photography tackle along. She took all the stunning pictures and captured these sweet and happy moments. I highly recommend her when you need a wedding photographer. She also doubled as our witness. So she keeps an extra special place in our hearts.


So yeah, that’s it. We got married in New York City, on our 10th anniversary and we had the absolute best day! I will forever cherish those photos and memories and wanted to share a little insight on, why we eloped, with you. Much love, Ilka x