Get organized for the new year

It’s time to get organized for the new year is. Which means you should start planning for 2018. At least that’s what I do.
I like to start new years day all fresh, tidy and in an inspiring surrounding so that I can dive into the new year all motivated.

Get organized for the new year


Tidy up your space

I know, it’s not spring cleaning time yet. But I like to start my new year with a tidy home. Have some fresh flowers on my desk and dining table, a lovely smelling candle burning and fresh bed sheets on. And I bet I’m not the only one!?
So the days leading to new years eve I use to tidy my home. I dust all surfaces, make sure I’m not behind laundry (so that I don’t need to start the new year with dirty clothes and a ton of things that need to be washed), and I make sure I stock up my kitchen cabinets. Another thing that I tidy up is my workspace and Laptop. I find the first day of a new year really inspiring and motivating, so I’m most likely found, at least for a few hours, on my desk working. So I make sure my desk is all pretty and clean and that my desktop isn’t cluttered with random files and images. And I make sure I’m not under pressure working! By that, I mean that I have blog content prepared for at least one or two weeks in advance. Always!

So some things I do in preparation for a fresh start in the new year:

  • Fresh bedding and towels
  • A clean apartment (dusted, mopped, kitchen, bathroom etc.)
  • Stock up on groceries
  • Fresh flowers and a good smelling candle or room diffuser
  • Clutter-free and inspiring work environment


Oh, I almost forgot. A fresh notebook and calendar! As a stationery lover, this probably is my favorite part of the new year. Because I’m a person that needs to write down everything by hand (I cant handle my phone calendar at all. Hate that thing. haha) I’m very excited to start my 2018 agenda. If you like to see how I organize and plan my blog or daily life, I would be more than happy to show you in another blog post.


Have a plan

We all have goals for the new year. And the first step to achieving those goals is by writing them down and start working towards them! But besides or big goals there are a few little things we can do to become a better self or make our life more exciting. I gathered 10 things I wanna do in 2018 to become a better me 


10 things to do in 2018 for a better you -get organized in 2018

Pin if you want to remember these things!


These are just a few things to practice self-care and self-growth in 2018. For me, mapping such things out is as important as cleaning my home and organizing my workspace. It help’s me to focus on the good thing I want to do in the new year. And I hope it help’s you too. x

Get organized for the new year



 Oh, and I wanted to show you my new Laptop case I got from Case company as a gift. This is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share with you because I really like the sleeve and it protects my MacBook perfectly. And the best part, it has my initials printed on it.  Isn’t that cool.


*this post has gifted products in it! All opinions are my own! As well as affiliate links


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