On my shopping list #1 -beauty

Welcome to a new series on IEB – on my shopping list.

In this category, I share with you products which are on my shopping list at the moment. There will come posts for a number of topics (such as skincare, makeup, beauty in general, fashion or books). Your input, thoughts, and suggestions are highly appreciated as some of the items are products I never used. Or maybe you know something much better ?! Leave me a comment below and tell me about it. x
Images which are shown in this post aren’t my own (as the products are still on my list). But you can find links at the bottom of the post! With that being said, let’s begin with my first shopping list.



On my shopping list 


  1. Item number one on my list is the rose lip polish by French Girl. A brand I always wanted to try and which now ships to Germany. As I’m an addict for all kinds of skin care and a Parisienne by heart, I have to check out the French Girl brand asap. Have you tried any of their products? If so, which ones do you recommend? Would love to hear your opinion and advice.
    on my shopping list #1 -beauty | French Girl

  2. Another lip product I really want to try is the Loreal Color Riche 103Blush in a Rush. I saw this color on one of my favorite bloggers – Carin from Paris in four months, and let me tell you, it looks gorgeous on her and hopefully on me too. And as I’m currently out of lipstick (I’m not a huge lipstick wearer anyway) I want to give this beautiful nude color a try. What is your favorite everyday lipstick? on my shopping list #1 -beauty | Loreal

  3. Let’s talk hair for a moment. My hair absolutely needs some TLC and a fresh haircut! I treat my skin with the loveliest products but my hair always misses out a little. I’m already on the hunt for new shampoo and conditioner but I also want to use some great styling products. I heard good things about the Wave Spray and as my hair tend to be wavy (when it’s a little shorter) I want to test this spray. What are some of your favorite hairstyling and care products? I’m itching to know. on my shopping list #1 -beauty | OUAI

  4. Number four on my shopping list is a new perfume. The new Elie Saab scent Girl of now. I’m absolutely obsessed with the smell of it and highly suggest you, to go to a perfumery and give it a sniff.
    Addition: As this post is a little delayed, I got the perfume already. My boyfriend gave it to me as a present <3 -thanks xon my shopping list #1 -beauty | Elie Saab

  5. Lastly on today’s on my shopping list edit is an old favorite 0f mine, the Clinique moisture surge series. I especially love the Moisture surge extended thirst relief and the moisture surge intense. The Moisture Surge is a gel moisturizer which I highly suggest to use while traveling or when you have super dry skin to use in between. The Intense is my everyday staple moisturizer. It makes my skin super soft and gives a lovely smooth base for a simple everyday look. on my shopping list #1 -beauty | Clinique



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Image one: French Girl product  other images via Pinterest
Image two: Loreal Lipstick  other images by Paris in four month
Image three: Ouai wave spray other images via Pinterest
Image four: Elie Saab perfume  other images by Ohh couture
Image five: Clinique cream product pictures other images via Pinterest






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