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New online favourites…

Welcome to a new segment on my blog, where I share my latest social media obsessions. Instagram accounts, Youtube channels, Podcasts, and Blogs. Whenever I gathered a few new online favourites I will share them here with you. 

Today’s post has mostly interior design related accounts. So if you’re an interior enthusiast like I am- this one is for you! As I’m turning older (30 next year eek!) I can finally say, “I found my style.” If that’s something you’re interested in, I will gladly share a post about my style journey. But for now, here is what I want to see when I log into Social Media. 

  1. effortless style 
  2. neutral colours 
  3. California casual   interior design 


I had a little Instagram clearout and unfollowed a few feeds who no longer brought me joy. I believe that you should only follow accounts who inspire you. That’s why I typed in some keywords and explored some new feeds. These are just a few of my new favourite Instagram accounts to follow. The aesthetic is what I want to see and what I aspire to create and share.


I just got back into listening to podcasts and already caught up with almost every episode of Love where you live.  Jeremy and Chandler (the hosts) started this podcast last year and share great interior design and style tips. I especially love their Design basics series. Each episode they share their knowledge, tips and ideas for a specific category. Light, paint colour, furniture and more. 

Also, the episodes aren’t overly long. Around 30 minutes. Which I find good, as that’s exactly the amount of time I have when I drive to work or finish a small task at home.  

Peach and Pine Home Blog


With being home a lot more, I finally found the time to watch Youtube again. And a new favourite of mine is Pine and Prospect home. Andrea, the blogger behind this Chanel shares a lot of great DIY and interior design ideas and inspirations.

My favourite video of hers is the “How to create a raw wood finish on vintage furniture”. And I can’t wait for vintage shops to open again to try this one out. As she describes exactly the problem (really warm and yellow tones) I have with most vintage furniture. and shows how she achieves a lovely raw- white washed wood finish. It’s heavenly. And I’ll definitely give this one a try! 

Pine and Prospect Home Blog

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