New Years Eve Bright Mood punch

Bright Mood Punch (vegan New Years eve punch) x Yogi Tea

-post in collaboration with YOGI TEA®– 

The last few years we always had friends over for new years eve. We cook together, have a lovely dinner, play games and watch movies (yes, we’re total homebodies). So this year I want to make it a little more special. With the help of YOGI TEA®, I created a New Years Eve punch that will brighten your mood and sets for a good start in the new year. And because It’s a seasonal punch it will definitely be the hit on every New Years Eve party (or get together). 

When you make the Bright Mood punch for your Silvester party, make sure you share it on your Instagram. I’d love to clink glasses with you (virtually). Tag me in your story or use the hashtag #ilkaeliseb so that I don’t miss it.

Before I come to the recipe, I want to share with you 3 simple tips on hosting a fantastic New Years Eve Party/get-together

  1. Never skip fun decorations, party hats, and typical games such as lead-pouring & charade.
    You’re never too old for that.
  2. Have enough non-alcoholic drinks on hand (water, soda, and tea)
  3. Prepare for a great new year breakfast (for you and your guests -because some will most likely stay over).
    Fruits, fresh rolls, and lot’s of tea and coffee is preferred.


Bright Mood Punch (vegan New Years eve punch) x Yogi Tea


Bright Mood punch Recipe

What you need – Ingredients:  (makes 4 glasses )

For the punch:
1-liter water (boiled)
4 teabags of YOGI TEA® BRIGHT MOOD 
2 oranges (juice)
1 lemon (juice) 
250ml apple juice
1 pomegranate 
4 tablespoons brown sugar
rosemary twigs 
optional, ice cubes 

For the sugar rim on the glasses
Juice from 1/2 orange 
~100g white sugar (or an alternative such as raw cane sugar)


1. Make the punch: Brew the tea by pouring 1 l of freshly boiled water over the 4 teabags YOGI TEA® BRIGHT MOOD. Allow infusing for 5-6 minutes (longer for a stronger flavor). Make sure to use a heat-proof pitcher. 
2. While the water is still hot/warm, pour in the sugar. This way it’ll distribute evenly.
3. Press the oranges & lemon and mix together with the apple juice and add to the tea.
4. Now funnel half the pomegranate seeds into the punch bowl and give it a nice stir. Also, add ice cubes if you like. 
5. The decorations: Press half an orange and pour the juice into a shallow bowl. Add the white sugar to a plate. Rim glasses in orange juice and dip in sugar. (Gives a lovely ice effect)
6. In each flute, add a tablespoon pomegranate seeds and pour in the punch. 
7. Top off with a twig rosemary.


Notes: This punch doesn’t require sugary mixers or soda. Instead, it’s sweetened with mostly natural ingredients like fresh pressed juices and fruits. However, the recipe requires some added sugar but it can be adjusted — or just left out entirely — depending on your preferences.
This recipe is vegan and without any alcohol. So perfect for people who don’t drink. Anyway, if you fancy trying the punch with alcohol, you can add some prosecco to it.

Bright Mood Punch (vegan New Years eve punch) x Yogi Tea


Bright Mood Punch (vegan New Years eve punch) x Yogi Tea


* Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with YOGI TEA®. Meaning it is sponsored/I got paid to create and share this recipe. Furthermore, were the YOGI TEA® products given to me. As always, all thoughts are my own!



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