New habits I want to cultivate

The secret of your future is hidden in yourself…


They say you only need 21 days to cultivate a new habit. And I want to introduce 12 more healthy and mindful habits into my everyday life over the next twelve months. These aren’t “big” monthly goals! But a way to share a little more about my everyday life and a way for myself to track how well I accomplish those small things. Besides documenting my habits in this post, I use the Habit App. It’s a habit tracking App I already saw my friend Madi and the lovely Kate use. So I had to give it a try. And it’s bloody awesome and so user-friendly.

And every month I’ll update this post and add a new habit. Shouldn’t be that hard, I hope.


My new habits: 

January: No red meat! 

February: An apple a day!

March: No candy!

April: 4k Steps per day! 

May: 2 litres water every day!  









Besides using the Habit tracking App and only choosing one habit at a time I find it really helpful to start small. So rather than just eating healthy food, I choose to first change my meat intake. ( I barely eat meat anyways, but I want to go back to eating vegetarian, maybe even vegan for the most parts). Next habit may (or may not) be skipping dairy or meat in general… idk jet. But I focus on small steps and introducing them when I feel it’s the right moment and when I can really stick to it. Nothing worse than realising I cant achieve my “goals”.

Besides food habits, I also want to read more, drink less coffee (I’m not really optimistic about this one, to be honest), be more active and a few other things. Let’s see what 2020 has in store for me. What are some healthy or mindful habits you want to cultivate into your life this year? I’d love to know. Much love, Ilka x