New goals January 2022

January at home! 

Happy 2022 my lovey. It’s been almost a one and a half years since I last updated you about my personal goals (June 2020 to be specific). Wow. I hope you’re all well and accomplished so many aqsome things! 

Welcome back to my blog! We’re at home! now. Yes, new name, similar intentions. It’s all about living my best life at home! Because thats the place were we live. Were we nourish our bodys and minds. We read, we create, we cook, we eat, we garden, we decorate and we move. And it’s my favourite place in the world (besids being on vacation maybe). I always felt like my blog needed more, not just my name. But a description about what it is, besides me. I hope that makes sence. It’s still about my life, my ambitions, goals, the way I lead a well balanced life and my favourite things… but it also is more. And I really hope it speaks to you the way I speaks to me! 

I was lucky enough to enjoy the first week of the fresh year at home. Cooking, organising and reloving my blog. I already started with a lot of my goals for this month but I cant wait to share them with you. (This is also an awsome way to keep track of my dreams and helps me to manifest them into reality). 

1: I promised myself to move my body regularly! Not just this month, but forever! Therefore I booked myself into a local Pilates course (starting tomorrow, Monday 09.01.). Besides weekly Pilates I want to go on as many walks as possible, use the stairs whenever I can, don’t drive every short route and hopefully start running again. 

2: At the end of last year I decluttered my wardrobe and beauty (skincare, haircare, makeup) cabinet and wrote a list with items I want to buy. It’s important to me that I invest my money into sustainable, high quality items that have a purpose, nourish my body and doesnt harm the enviorment. So for January I have a few special items on my list: 

– a new hair oil be Ouai 
– workout leggings by girlfriend collective 
– the oribe magnificent volume spray 
– periode power by Maisie Hill

3: I started to habit of journaling daily last year and it’s the best thing I have ever done for my mental healt! I highly suggest it to everybody. I use the five minute journal from intelligent change. My favourite part are the daily affirmations. I want to start incoporating those affirmations into my everyday life, outside the journal. Because I am worthy of the life I dream of. And I am so loved. It’s a wonderful and empowering thing to remember and to include in every aspect of your life. 

So my friends. These are my goals for January 2022. I hope they inspired you to acomplish some of your intentions or encoraged you to connect with your true self. 
I wish you a good start into the year! Lots of love, Ilka xx