My work from home essentials

My staples for a productive day at home…


As most of us work from home a lot at the moment, I gathered my top tips and essentials for a productive day at home. For me, it always starts with a routine, my new normal routine.  And even though I’m pretty free in terms of when I have to start working (at least when I don’t have any zoom meetings or calls), I get up every morning at around 6-7 am. #earlybird 

1: Get ready and dressed. For me, getting ready is the first and almost most important part of being productive. I shower at night (because I’m running in the evenings). But I’ll get dressed in jeans and a shirt, make my hair and makeup and even wear perfume. This way I’m ready for unexpected zoom calls, the postman and feel my absolute best. Which is the most important!  

2: Notebook, calendar, laptop, phone (& headphones). These are my real work from home essentials. I get most of my work done with my laptop. But without my notebook and calendar, I would be lost. It’s where I keep track of all the projects, collect idea and memos. I’m old school when it comes to planning. I always need to write everything down by hand. Otherwise, I forget about it. 

3: Music or podcasts. Like everybody else, I love listening to music while I’m working (or doing anything, to be honest). I rotate between a few playlists, my favourites are. My same same playlist (all my favourite songs), the HW Playlist.04 and Mornings 3 from Crissy from Harlow James. 
Whenever I have some time off and J still has to work, I listen to podcasts. My favourites at the moment are Love where you live, Things you can’t ask yer mom, and 10 things to tell you.

4: A tidy space. It’s nothing new that I hate clutter. It makes me beyond anxious and unease. So to ensure a productive day at home, I keep the flat tidy and clutter-free. Especially our kitchen- living- room (where I spend almost all day). I also, try and keep flowers at ur dining (my work) table. For extra motivation, inspiration. And as a happiness booster. 

5: Running. At the end of almost every day at home, I get out of my jeans (and house) for a run. It’s the perfect addition to staying indoors and rather inactive all day long. The 5k around the lake is perfect for that and with my new running buddy Finja, I feel extra motivated to start.