Moving with a cat – 3 quick tips

Moving with a cat can be a little circuitous but your cat will thank you for these 3 tips.

A little bit about our cat: Ivy is now five years old and already moved five times in her life. She is a pretty easy cat, as she enjoys car rides and isn’t too scared of new places (as long as we are with her). The only thing she doesn’t like and what really stresses her out is when strangers coming into our home. She usually hides away between the cushions on our bed or underneath the sofa.  Luckily, this time we got the chance to get the keys for the new flat already two weeks in advance. This way we are able to move in furniture and stuff step by step. We’ll sleep in our old flat unit the end of the month, with Ivy of course. We also buy a new sofa, bed and other large interiors, so when we finally had our new home almost all together we just need to grab the essentials and move in.

Moving with a cat - 3 tips Moving with a cat - 3 tips

3 tips for moving with a cat

This probably was the least stressful move our cat always experienced and I know not everybody is that lucky to move out/in, in such a large time frame. So I collected my top 3 things we normally did when moving with Ivy.

  1. Before the move: When we had a busy moving day, we used to give Ivy to family members, this way she doesn’t get into the way and has a relaxed day until we pick her up and take her with us to the new home.
    If you don’t have somebody you can bring your cat to, make sure the cat stays inside one room, the cat room. With food, water, litter box, cat tree and the carrier  (Ivy loves to sleep in hers on regular basis, of course with an open gate!)
  2. While the move: make sure you have some water and treats on hand. Most cats don’t enjoy car rides and will probably be meowing most of the ride. Put some cat toys into the carrier, to keep them company. We also sometimes give Ivy a gym tee from my boyfriend. She loves the smell and cuddles it for hours.
  3. In the new home: let the cat out of her carrier as soon as possible. When you still have movers running around, make sure the cat stays in one room nobody has to walk through. Provide fresh water, the litter box, food and treats, some toys as well as the scratching tree. Remember, the cat will probably need some time to get out of the carrier and explore the new environment. We always sit with Ivy and talk to her, so that she feels safe.
    When you have a cat who’s normally allowed to go outside, keep the cat indoors for at least 1-2 weeks. So the cat won’t run away (try to find the old home).


Please keep in mind, not all cats are the same and will react the same to a new environment or handle stressful situations the same. Always be gentle and give the time they need. Do you have experience with moving with cats? What are your tips? I’d love to learn, so Ivy has the least stress as possible when we move the next time. x

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