Meet Ilka


Hello and welcome to the IEB lifestyle blog. My name is Ilka -as you may already have guessed.  I’m a 27-year-old girl, currently based in the suburban of Hamburg, Germany and the head behind IEB.

As a kid or even teenager, I never was able to answer that one ever-present question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I never saw myself 9-5 stuck behind a desk. But I had a passion, writing! (Funny side note, I never enjoyed reading that much). In school, while my senior classes I worked two years for a local print magazine and absolutely loved it. I had the chance to create and write articles, conduct interviews and attend meetings. It was an amazing time!

2016 my dear friend Stella encouraged me to start a blog to follow my passion for researching, content creating and writing articles. And so IEB was born. Today you can find articles (as well as guest posts) related to style, self-care as well as skincare, beauty, and interior on IEB.

Besides IEB, I’m obsessed with: my cat Ivy, she’s such a little darling. Striped tops. Planning and list making. Visual styling. Social media (especially Pinterest). Fresh flowers, my favorites are Peonies. Warmth. Interior design. Puppies. And my beloved boyf. ♥