Well, hello there…

Welcome to my little blog. My name is Ilka, as you may already guess (hence the name). I’m a 27-year-old with a love for all things home and self-care. In addition to that, I also love coffee (I’m kinda addicted), skincare, writing lists, and dreaming of travels.
That. Plus some more personal topics are the main things you can expect seeing on my blog.

I started Ilka Elise B 2016 as a place to write about all the things that interest me. But gave it a totally new outlook in May 2019 (read all about that here).

I’m based in the outskirts of Hamburg, Germany. Where I live with my boyf and our adorable cat Ivy. Who hates to be photographed. Which is a shame. Bc, she’s super cute.

Let’s chat some more. Feel free to message me on Twitter (I freaking love Twitter) or Instagram.