Meet Ilka

Well, hello there! 

I’m Ilka, the person behind Ilka Elise B dot com – who would have guessed. 

I started my blog in 2017 and write about anything and everything. But mostly self-care, travel diaries and my current loves and goals. However, I’m also really into interiors and beauty, so you can expect to see some of that too.  

In my free time, I enjoy reading (especially classic novels), watching my favourite Netflix shows, admiring flowers and dogs, and occasionally running around the lake close to our home.

This page acts a little as a formal introduction aka get to know me. So hello, I hope you enjoy reading a little more about myself and enjoy navigating your way around Ilka Elise B. 

Get to know me:  10 (random) facts and things

1: New York is my all-time favourite city in the world.

2: I secretly aspire to be an interior designer.

3: I’m happiest when everything goes as planned. And when I’m warm.

4: Blush pink is my favourite colour (besides neutrals).

5: I’m an intj and Virgo (maybe that explains a lot about me).

6: The Office (US) is the best Tv/Netflix show, ever!

7: I’m a huge daydreamer …

8: My go-to coffee order: tall, black (iced if it’s hot outside). So basic.

9: I’m a Potterhead. My Hogwarts house is Slytherin, my Patronus is a Hyena and my favourite characters are Luna and Regulus.

10: I LOVE Mexican food.

The two things in life you are in total control over are your attitude and your effort
-Billy Cox


Let’s catch up!

Feel free to message on Instagram. I love to chat about books, breakfast food and I’ll always answer a meme with a meme. 

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