Les Sublimes – the launch (sustainable fashion made in Paris)

The day is finally here. ‘Les Sublimes‘ launches their first collection. yay.

I teamed up with ‘Les sublimes‘ to help them launch their brand new collection.. and I have to say, I love the pieces they released. Hands down. So simple yet well designed. Wow, I can’t stop raving about them.

Les Sublimes | the launch

A few blog posts ago I already told you a little about the brand and their philosophy. But it’s just too beautiful to not be shared again.  ‘Les Sublimes‘ is, as you may guess, a French fashion brand, which was founded 2015 by the lovely Alexis and Kachen, whose idea it was to create high-quality wardrobe essentials for the educated female. Which also are manufactured with the intention to preserve the planet.


Learn more about their practices as a responsible company here


Les Sublimes | the launch

Information about the collection:

Les Sublimes‘ started it ranges with six pieces. Two tank tops, two tees, and two dresses.
All designed for beautiful wardrobe essentials. Made from three different fabrics, two types of jersey and organic cotton interlock. Which are categorized as ‘Sustainably-Produced Stylish Knitwear Essentials for Women’ and which will easily carry you from brunch to a casual night out? There perfect pieces for every day, without looking boring or sluggish. The prices range about 40-120 € and are absolutely fair for being manufactured in a family-run atelier in Lyon, France.


Les Sublimes‘ is an online-only brand. Selling through their online store at les-sublimes.com

Les Sublimes | the launch


Les Sublimes | the launch

My favorite pieces from the collection:

The London Dress 

Les Sublimes | the launch

The London Dress has such an effortless vibe to it. Which I love. I can imagine wearing it on an everyday basis with sneakers, a jeans jacket plus an oversized scarf and bag. Just the simple something you put on and look fabulous.
Or dressed up with heels, maybe a blazer and a clutch. For a business meeting, work or just the chic everyday citizen.
I love the simple line this dress follows. And I’m sure it’s the perfect statement piece and addition to every wardrobe.

Les Sublimes | the launch  

The Stockholm Tee

I love a great white T-Shirt. Les Sublimes | the launch And for that reason I have high thoughts on the Stockholm Tee. Especially the neckline drew my attention. It has a beautiful décolleté without giving away to much. It just highlights a really beautiful and feminine part of a women’s  body.
I would style the Stockholm Tee with a black lace bralette underneath, distressed jeans and a pair of biker boots ( forever dreaming of the Chloé Susanna studded leather boots, haha).
Les Sublimes | the launch

The Buenos Aires Dress

Les Sublimes | the launch

Les Sublimes | the launch

My favorite piece from the collection. I love the minimal but elegant look the dress has. And the scrappy details on the back.. like OMG. It really is Business in the front, party in the back.  Who wouldn’t love this dress ?!
I’m always more on the casual side, so most times I dress down my outfits. Also, as a tall girl (1.76cm) I’m not much of a high heel wearer. So sneakers, biker boots, and co are mostly my go-to footwear. For jewelry, it’s pretty much the same. I like dainty pieces. For this dress, I would choose another delicate necklace, which I would layer with my everyday necklace and I would stack several fine rings on both of my hands. Hair-wise I would go for a high, messy ponytail, so my hair doesn’t cover the gracile back details.



Les Sublimes | the launch

Shop Les Sublimes:

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 I love the effortless, Parisian vibe the collection has, which makes all the pieces a perfect addition to the everyday statement wardrobe. And I already can see myself in a few pieces, which I will probably wear to death ♥
Can’t wait for it

Ilka x

Do you want to create a sustainable wardrobe? And learn more about Parisian style? Have a look at my guide on how to  create a meaningful wardrobe


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