Instagram strategy: being more active

Good things are coming…

How to be successful on Instagram? I have absolutely no idea!
Does it mean you have more than 10k followers? An engagement rate of more than 5.6%? Or even meaningful connections?

For me, Instagram is mostly fun and a way to stay updated and connected to other bloggers, online people, and brands. As well as a source of inspiration. That’s why I had a rather huge Instagram clearout last month and searched for some new online favourites. This way, whenever I open Instagram, I’m greeted with images, videos and stories I really want to see. And which inspire me to create and share my own content. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

As I already said in my June goals blog post, I want to be more active on Instagram. That’s partly why I wrote this post. Haha. But besides seeing images and stories on Instagram that inspire me, what do people do to be more active? Especially when you have a busy real-life schedule or if you’re (like me) a lazy and irregular poster. 

Note: I have not posted daily for the first week of June, due to current events. But I’ll stick to the plan and post (almost daily) in the order I created the content plan.

30-days Instagram challenge 

While looking on Pinterest for ideas on how to be more active on Instagram, I came along a bunch of content challenges. That’s why I created my own.  One that is dedicated to my style, interest and most importantly achievable one! 

I kept my Instagram Content calendar simple. This way it’s easy to take pictures that suit the ideas.

I also made sure that the layout is cohesive with the 3- picture Instagram feed. This way you won’t have to worry about having two pictures that are too similar next (or above) each other. 

Feel free and Pin or save the image on the left.

Track your achievements 

I’m a huge list maker and habit tracker. So one of the easiest ways for me to stay motivated is: make a list and track my achievements. Something I also really love is research. Because, when I’m honest. Having 10k followers and a bomb engagement rate is awesome. And who knows, maybe I can build some more beautiful connections or deepen the ones I already made. 

So on the first day of my 30-days activity challenge, I wrote down my starting position. 

– follower number 
– engagement rate 
– meaningful connections

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