IKEA homeware edit – on my shopping list

Who doesn’t like some gold, blush and a fiddle fig tree in its home?! I certainly do. That’s why I’ll browse over to IKEA next week and spoil myself to some homeware.

What I’m going to shop at IKEA and why you should too
  • The gold wire hanging thing (I actually have no idea what other to call this). I plan on redoing my office space. As some of you maybe know, I share a home office room with my boyfriend and it’s mostly his room I just have my desk in it. What is fine for me, but I want my desk space to feel more feminine and me + I really need a new desk. Haha. I had my eye on such a wire thing, but it was over 50€ and constantly sold out. This little frame thing is only 13€ and will look amazing above my desk.
  • Do you have an alarm clock? Neither have I. Since smartphones are such a thing I haven’t owned an actual alarm clock that’s the reason to get one. Haha. It also is just 15€ and looks supüer cute without being too girly.
  • A fake sheep skin cushion is just what I’m missing for autumn and winter (it’s not new at Ikea but I hope I can finally get my hands on one).
  • I have seen glass bells around for a while now, they are simple, elegant and you can store whatever you wish in them. I have seen some with perfume in it or maybe store your makeup brushes in them to keep them dust free.
  • The other glass lantern is something I’m not all to sure it fits in our interior style – It’s blush. But it has a lovely herringbone pattern and a wooden handle.
  • Finding a fiddle Fig Tree isn’t the easiest thing in Germany. At least not where I live. I searched high and low for a real one – nothing! I’m normally not a big fan of fake flowers or plants, but I’ll give this one a try.
  • PÄRLBAND candle holder. The most pretty thing in this edit (at least that’s what I think). It’s simple, has some interest, is gold and costs only 7€. So what would you more ??

Haha, compared to my last homeware edit you can see how obsessed I’m with gold and brass. Can’t stop- won’t stop! Hopefully, we will soon have (almost) all of our homeware and furniture together, so that I can show you around in our new home.





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