Where I wanna go (the 2018 IEB wanderlust- list)

2018 wanderlust- list It’s no secret that I love traveling. Especially because I really admire the sun and warmth – and we don’t get a lot of sunshine or great weather in Germany. Most times we just decide really last minute where we want to go (with we I mean my boyfriend and me). But for 2018 I already have a few things planned so that I decide to share my wanderlust-list with you. Maybe some of the destinations inspire you or you’ve already been there and have some tips for me (us). Because I like to make the most out of my stays and discover places the way natives do.

So if you have any suggestions for hotels, coffee shops or places to go in the cities, make sure you comment them below. Or if you have other places you think I would like to visit as well. So that I can add them to my wanderlust- list. I currently mainly travel in Europe but I also really want to get out of Europe soon.

Mallorca, Spain2018 wanderlust- list

My first trip (or at least the first trip that is planned for 2018) is a 10-day work getaway to Mallorca. I’m really happy that I can take such a great opportunity and transfer my work environment to a sunny place this year. But I have actually no idea what to expect. I’ve been to Spain once, but never on the island of Mallorca. So if any of you been to Mallorca and have suggestions on what to do with a bunch of teenagers, please let me know.

Rijeka, Croatia

As some of you may know, one of my favorite persons in the world lives in Rijeka. My dear friend and blogger BFF Stella from Part Of The Sun. We visited Stella and her boyfriend two years ago and planned on coming back since the day we left. So hopefully, 2018 will be the year we return. And even though we haven’t booked anything yet, we’re already figuring out dates. So fingers crossed we can make a reunion happen in 2018.

Bucharest, Romania

This year, my little sister will take a 3-month internship at a nursery school in Bucharest. And I really want to visit her while she’s there. I’ve never been to Bucharest, or Romania ever but what I heard and from pictures it looks amazing. Her internship will take place from March until May. So if any of you have suggestions of where to stay (Airbnb, hotel), what to eat and drink (restaurants, bars, coffee shops) and what to explore, I would be more than happy and thankful. I already saw a picture of a bookstore, the Carturesti Carusel’s (“Carousel of Light”) and it seems like the most beautiful and Instagrammable place ever! So hit me up with similar ideas and places.


Some other places I would love to go to in 2018
  • Paris. I dream of going back to Paris for the last 3 years now and feel like 2018 would be an amazing year to do so. I have been to Paris once, with a girlfriend of mine and we had a good time. But we went in August and the city was crowded with tourists and we had almost no chance seeing some of the typical Parisian environment. That’s why I really want to go back in Spring or Autumn. I feel like that’s when Paris pleases me the most. And I really would love to meet some Parisian people in person who I only know from messages and post collaborations.
  • Copenhagen. From where we live (the north of Germany) it’s only a 4-hour drive to Copenhagen. That’s why I’ve been to Denmark countless times. But never in the last couple of years. So it’s time to go back to Copenhagen for the ultimate Scandinavian weekend getaway. Another city in Denmark I really want to visit in 2018 is Tønder. It’s the ultimate Christmas city and I plan on finally taking a trip to Tønder this December (and it’s less than a 2-hour drive).
  • Germany. As I moved quite a lot in the last 8 years (10 times) I have friends scattered all over Germany. And 2018 will be the year I visit at least the ones with kids. Haha. So Berlin and Greifswald are the top places in Germany on my list!



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  1. 24. January 2018 / 00:54

    These are such great destinations! I’m trying to travel a lot in 2018! My first trip planned is to Costa Rica!

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