How to create a beautiful Smoothie bowl

Today’s Post is a recipe for a fresh smoothie bowl.

Hello friends, I again teamed up with Les Sublimes to bring you a three-episode series about my non-animal diet plus some recipes.  The series will be split, articles over on Les Sublimes Blog and recipes on mine. I hope you enjoy it and make sure to check the article on Les Sublimes here

No animals on my plate, please 
vol. 1
Recipe: Smoothie bowl

In the following, I’ll show you how to create an easy, yummy smoothie bowl.
For this you need:

  • 3-4 bananas, best slightly ripped
  • two handful frozen raspberries
  • juice of half a lime
  • some vanilla extract
  • half a pineapple
  • fresh berries (blueberry, raspberry, strawberry)
  • coconut water/milk (for smoothies I often use canned coco milk, cause it has a solid part)

And for the topping:

  • Granola, chia seeds, puffed amaranth, coco greater, other nuts and seeds (I prefer sunflower, pumpkin, and  pignolia)
  • fresh berries/fruits
  • Oreo biscuits (yes, they are vegan)


How to make the smoothie bowl:

First, peel the bananas and break into small pieces cut the lime and press the juice out. Also, cut the pineapple into small bits. Now load all ingredients into your blender. If you don’t have a blender you can also use an immersion blender or mixer.
You want the smoothie to be relatively solid, so it doesn’t run from your spoon. When it’s too runny you can add more frozen fruits or ice, when you like it more slurry just add water or coconut water.
Blend everything together into a smooth mash and fill it into a nice bowl or deep / soup plate.

Now you can decorate your smoothie bowl to give it the extra pop and crunch.
Often I cut another banana into small slices and drop them around the rim of the bowl. Then I sprinkle nuts, seeds and coco grater inside the banana trim. Finally, I spread fresh berries, granola and sometimes crumbled Oreos in the middle, often I try to create a little mandala.

You see it’s super easy and quick to create a beautiful fresh smoothie bowl. Simple for everyday breakfast or as a healthy dessert alternative. Of course, you can use other fruits and berries, something that is in season or you prefer. I would recommend using bananas and frozen fruits for the base. Often I use frozen blueberries or strawberries (but my favorite is with frozen raspberries).

Smoothie bowl recipe

I hope you enjoyed the first episode of  No animals on my plate, please when you recreate a beautiful smoothie bowl let me know and tag me on Instagram, so I can admire them.

And make sure to read the article on Les Sublimes blog here

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Ilka, x

*This post is in collaboration with Les Sublimes! Not sponsored. All thoughts are my own.


  1. 11. August 2016 / 07:34

    Beautiful post! Love the recipe and looking forward for the next episode of these articles!
    Also, must try this jummy smoothie bowl! Love, xx

    • IlkaB
      12. August 2016 / 06:47

      Thank you love! You’re always my inspiration and I can’t wait to prepare one for you (soooooooon) xxx

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