How do others keep up with online life?

Asking for a friend… 

Over the last couple of years, I always felt unsure of what I wanted my online life to be. And to be honest, I still feel that way. Now and then I give my blog and whole online persona a little “makeover”:  new images, new posts. The whole thing. But after a while, I’m overwhelmed again and fall off the bandwagon. I think about deleting my blog, quitting Instagram and stopping social media altogether. Even though I enjoy taking pictures, creating content and connecting with others from around the world. 

So how is it, that others find the time, energy, and mindset to keep posting? 

I detected three main things that stop me from creating: 

one: I’m a perfectionist. I have such a fear of posting something not perfect, that I rather not post at all. My anxiety goes through the roof and after a few times not being able to create something “perfect” I stop all together for at least a few month. This is probably the main thing that is keeping me from being consistent online. 

number two and three are: I’m really busy with wok. Whenever I spend long hours at work I can’t be bothered with keeping up being present (in real- as well as in onlinelife). i’m tiered and frustrated and can’t even find it within me to clean our apartment, much less take create content. 
The weather. This sound liek such an excuse. But it’s overcast and gloomy a lot where I live. And as such a sunshine lover I not online lack energy when it’s dark and grey, I also hate taking pictures or create on such days. 

So what to do to keep up online presence 

Stop worring! One thing I love is the current social media / mental health vibe. I would even say, my favourite online platform (by far) is TikTok. Everything is a little less curated and it’s ok to be normal. 
Thats the vibe I want to adapet for my online life. As social media isn’t my job, but a hobby. I really hope I can reprogram myself and treat it as such! 

What does all this mean for my blog and online life?

I’ll not delete my little corner of the internet! It’s a visual diary of my life and I want to treat it as such. Sometimes I’m in the mood for vision and design boards, sometimes it’s interior, fashion, or beauty content and sometimes it’s nothing at all. And that’s ok! 

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