Homebody. Things I love to do at home.

Homebody. Stuff I love to do at home


My name is Ilka. And I’m a Homebody!
Maybe it’s old news. But I’m slowly turning into a granny. A 25-year-old granny. With a cat. Yap. That’s actually how it is. It would be absolutely understated to call me a homebody.

   (noun.)  ‘somebody who enjoys being at home

Don’t get me wrong. I love to travel. Go out every once in a while (for dinner). Or visit my friends. Also, I’m not a couch potato. I love to do things when I’m at home.

Watch The OfficeHomebody. Stuff I love to do at home

This is, by far, my favorite thing to do at home. It’s my all-time favorite TV show and I can watch it for hours straight without feeling the need to do something else. When you never saw an episode or had even heard of The Office, then what on earth is wrong with you. I mean, seriously. There isn’t any better show. I’ve checked it, trust me.


Pamper myself

Probably one of the most important things to me is self-love and self-care. Especially in the evening, I like to spoil myself with a homemade facial, manicure, pedicure or relaxing spa time. Depends on how much time I have and in what mood I am. My usual pamper time is Sunday evening. It’s so relaxing and refills my batteries for the upcoming week.


Rearrange & tidy up

Similar to pampering myself, I love to give my home a little love too. Different to most people I met, I really enjoy cleaning. It has something really relaxing plus your home is pretty and fresh afterward.
As I have a huge crush on nearly all things interior related I wish I could afford to buy new homeware every once in a while but as I’m on a budget I just play around and rearrange all my furniture and decorations.


Other Homebody things I do lately
  • Reading. I’m not a bookworm either do I read a lot. But lately, I came across a few really good books.
  • Meditation. More frequently I find myself releasing stress through meditation. It’s a great way to find inner peace and let go of too many thoughts.
  • Crafting. I lost my enthusiasm for creating but slowly got it back. Especially knitting is one of my favorite things to do.  (I told you, I a granny)


What are your favorite things to do at home?

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I lately wrote a post about being a 20-something granny/homebody and why that is totally ok. You may read it here

Much love, Ilka x




  1. 20. March 2017 / 23:28

    🙂 this post made me smile I know what you mean it’s great to be at home ehhe

    • Ilka
      21. March 2017 / 07:43

      Yws forstaying at home haha x

  2. 18. March 2017 / 13:55

    It’s awesome when we (bloggers) take the time to write things that genuinely make us happy… I think it influences us in so many positive ways! I also just started the Office and am HOOKED. Love it! Thanks for sharing!


    • Ilka
      18. March 2017 / 14:27

      So true, Lauren. The Office is my all time favorite series. I watched every episode at leats 3 times (haha) It’s brilliant.
      Much love, Ilka x

  3. 18. March 2017 / 03:45

    Oh I’m a 29 year old grandma over here too. I love sewing and crafting and staying at home with my husband & 3 kids. I like drink tea and visiting fabric shops and just living an easy going lifestyle. Love it! No complaints over here about the homebody life. 🙂

    • Ilka
      18. March 2017 / 07:16

      Haha, me too. Sometimes I wish I could explore and adventure more but that’s not quite my nature. Maybe one day…

      Much love xx

  4. 18. March 2017 / 00:05

    I am all about an evening DIY pampering! An epsom salt bath is also a fav 🙂

    • Ilka
      18. March 2017 / 07:15

      Oh yes! And an Epsom salt bath is AMAZING! Have a lovely weekend. xxx

  5. 17. March 2017 / 23:55

    I’m not a homebody, but I definitely use some of my free time to stay home and read.

    • Ilka
      18. March 2017 / 07:14

      Staying at home reading is such a good habit! 🙂 x

  6. 17. March 2017 / 13:24

    I do a Sunday evening pamper session too! I am a 29 year old grandma and I am perfectly ok with that. Such a cute post!

    • Ilka
      17. March 2017 / 16:03

      Yay for the 20-something-granny-club <3
      I'm happy you like the post, much love xx

  7. 17. March 2017 / 11:34

    Such a great post. I m a big time homebody myself and can really relate. I have to 2 kids now so my stay at home activities have changed but its still fun.

    • Ilka
      17. March 2017 / 12:35

      Thank you, Amy. I’m happy you like the post. Oh, I can imagine that two kids change a lot, in terms of lurching at home 🙂

  8. 2. October 2016 / 03:45

    I’ve been a homebody forever! While I do try to push myself to get out more, it’s pretty hard to resist the urge to stay in comfy clothes, watch Netflix and hide under my electric blanket! I like to do a lot of the same things as you but since starting my blog in June, I spend more time working on that!

    • Ilka
      17. March 2017 / 12:34

      So true, Lana. Haha. It’s a blogger thing I guess 😀 Much love

  9. 1. October 2016 / 19:35

    Love this! …also a fellow 20-something year old homebody (acting like a 60-something year old). If I leave my house, it’s usually to go to the post office or an antique store!

    …and I wouldn’t change a thing!

    • Ilka
      1. October 2016 / 19:56

      Thanks so much Hope. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Ahaha. I know exactly what you mean. Today I cleaned my house, was grocery shopping, edited a few blog photos and afterwards I watched Gilmore girl and knitted for hours. Have a happy- granny weekend. Much love Ilka, x

      Plus: Thanks so much for helping me out. So happy it worked. x

  10. 1. October 2016 / 17:14

    I love to watch tv shows, movies, documentaries, blogging, cooking, and playing board games. All things that you can do at home, but I also love going out and keeping the balance. 🙂

    • Ilka
      1. October 2016 / 19:08

      Oh I love playing board games! And do you have any great show / movie / documentary recommendations ??
      Much love, Ilka x

  11. 28. September 2016 / 18:02

    Love from a fellow homebody!

    • Ilka
      28. September 2016 / 19:22

      Glad you enjoyed it Erin. PJ’s forever! 😉
      Much love, Ilka x

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