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Great hair day ahead…

Just as a heads up: This post may look like it’s sponsored by Kristin Ess, but it’s not! I’m just a big fangirl. For numerous reasons: One, it’s cruelty- free. Two, the formula is amazing (trust me), the zip-up technology really works. And three, Kristin (the founder) is a pro hairstylist/colourist. For example, check out Lauren Conrad (the queen of beautiful locks and fellow Kristin Ess fangirl). With that being said, let’s dive into my haircare heroes.

Because this post is super long (at least for me) I’ll section it. First, my before-shower routine. Second, in-shower routine. Third, post-shower routine. And lastly, in between washes.


Brush first, shower second…

1: Short backstory on before I get to my into the “in the shower and washing my hair” bit.
I have rather fine tresses, but therefore a lot of it. It has a lovely wave ( 2a-b) and warm undertones (which tend to come out as soon as it hits the sun). I only wash my hair every three to four days. And use really minimum heat on it. Oh, and it’s naturally bronde (but currently has some “ombre style” highlights. With that being said, this is how I get locks wash ready.

Before I hop into the shower, I always brush my hair. This is the only time I brush it. Ever! I like the Wet brush, but I guess any brush can do the job. After brushing out my tresses I often apply a teaspoon amount of coconut oil to my hair and let it soak in while I remove my makeup. And that’s it. The first step is done. Time to wash my hair.


Keep it cool…

2: I always use the Kristin Ess The One Signature Shampoo and Conditioner. Depending on how long your hair is you maybe have to adjust the amount you use. But a little goes a long way, at least for me. Oh, I almost forgot, every few weeks I also shampoo my hair with the Kristin Ess Purple Shampoo/Conditioner. This way I can cool down to warmth from my hair and help my blond ends to stay fresh. 
Most times I wash my hair ones at the beginning of the week Tuesday or Wednesday and a second time on Saturday or Sunday. For my first wash of the week, I only use shampoo and conditioner. On the weekends I often take a little extra time and I skip the conditioner for the Reconstructive Moisture Mask. Which works wonders for my hair. Makes it so soft and smells just incredible. After washing out the conditioner or mask I squeez the excess water out of my tresses and secure it in one of J’s cotton Tshirts on top of my head. Haha. I know that you can buy extra microfiber hair towels. But the shirt works just fine for me.

Note: Never (under no circumstances) rub your hair with the towel (or shirt). Just let it sit on top of your head and dry peacefully.


Pat and squeez…

3: I now let the hair sit in the shirt for around 15-20 minutes. When my hair is approximately 60% dry, I take the shirt/towel off and comb through my hair. (If I don’t have my comb on hand I just use my fingers, works just fine.) After combing, I use a thickening spray which helps with volume and gives my locks a little more grip. Bonus, it also helps the style to stay put longer. And who wouldn’t want that?
When I feel like my hair needs some extra moisture, I work a teeny-tiny amount of hair oil (Anytime Anywhere Scalp + Hair Milk Oil is my favourite of the moment, but I also love Ouia Oil) into the tips and length of my locks.
Most times I let my hair air dry. But when I blowdry it, I only use the low and cool setting. Blowdrying always makes my hair kinda frizzy and gives me a ton of flyaways, so I don’t do it that often.


90% dry shampoo by the end of the week… 

4: Lastly, as you can guess. It’s all about dry shampoo. Haha. Because I rely on dry shampoo as much as I rely on coffee. Especially after day three. My dry shampoo of choice is (who would have guessed) Kristin Ess. I always feel super fancy when using it, because let’s be honest, it’s pricy. But boy it smells good and is the best I have ever tried. And let me tell you, I tried a ton! Besides touching up my hair with dry shampoo occasionally keep styling tools and products to a minimum. Sometimes a drop of hair oil in the tips, if needed. I’m a big fan of scrunchies. And use them day and night. At night I put my tresses up in a loose bun or loosely braid it (it’s currently too short for braiding).
Finally, I really enjoy hair mists. It’s the final touch to my hair care routine. I’m currently out of my absolute and all-time favourite, Byredo Rose Of No Man’s Land. Hopefully, it will be back in stock soon. So that I can order it again. *fingers crossed*  


As you can see, I’m completely smitten by the Kristin Ess product line and hair care in general. All the links in this post are non-affiliate links but send you to my all-time favourite beauty online store. The place I buy all the products I mentioned (and more) Niche-Beauty. Not sponsored, just a fangirl. But really, check them out!! Sadly a few of the products aren’t available in Germany, so it’s time for a trip to the US soon. Haha. What are some of your favourite products for healthy locks?

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  1. 25. März 2020 / 13:30

    I absolutely love this post, Ilka! Kristin Ess is one of my favourite haircare brands. One of the first things I did when I moved to the USA was treat myself to her hairdryer and 3-in-1 straighteners, both work amazingly well without damaging my hair! I’m yet to try the reconstructive mask though, that’s on my wish list!

    Faye xo

    • Ilka
      26. März 2020 / 09:57

      Thank you so much, Faye. I’m so thankful they at least stock the Kristin Ess essentials in Germany. The net time I fly over to the US I’ll definitely buy myself a hair gloss and the blowdryer!!!!!

      Much love, Ilka x