Grownup checklist

Being an adult can be tough sometimes, that’s why I created my own grownup checklist for you.
Hopefully, this makes you feel a little more like having your life together.

Grownup check list

As a 26-year-old I figured it might be the time that I get my life under control, at least kind of. The following 5 categories are the one I figured out are the most important to me. And the ones I actually do. Or work on. If you have any other, highly important topics on your own grownup checklist, make sure you leave them in the comments below, for me and all the others to see. So we all can adult properly- or at least feel like we do. x

My grownup checklist
  1. Save up
  2. Have a bucket list
  3. Invest in sustainable pieces
  4. Apply for your dream job
  5. Take care of your skin

Save up

We all want certain things when we’re grown up or older. Maybe it’s a fancy car (or any car), our own house, move abroad for some time, start our own business or just be able to retire early. That’s what we need to save up for. And we better start early than later. I suggest you to track your normal earnings and costs for a month. At the end of the month check where you probably¬†could save money (do you really need Starbucks every day or another lipstick or T-shirt ????) Now for the next month, list all your costs at the beginning and give yourself some ‘pocket money’ for special buys, such a Starbucks etc. But keep in mind to track your costs. Another tip of mine is to save a particular amount of your income each month and put this money in a saving account! This way you won’t spend it accidentally.

Have a bucket list

Almost everybody I know has a list of things they want to do in their life. Having a list of goals you want to achieve, places you want to see or things you want to do helps you to keep track of everything and of fulfilling them. I myself have a bucket list for almost everything. One for where I want to travel, one for things I want to do and so on. I part my bucket lists into time frames. Such as I have a list of things I want to do, see and achieve before I turn 30.


Invest in sustainable pieces

As a grownup, you most likely have the funds to invest in the things you want to own. Don’t spend all your hard earned money into a ton of low-quality pieces. Rather invest in some sustainable pieces. It’s all about quality, not quantity. That applies for cloth, furniture, accessories but also skin care and beauty products. I already wrote a post at the beginning of the year, on how to create a meaningful wardrobe. Maybe you can find some inspiration in that post.


Your dream job

Don’t we all dream about doing something for a living that actually brings us joy. Don’t let your dream job just be a dream! Work towards that job! It probably isn’t easy and will take a lot of hard work, time and sweat. But it’s worth it! I myself always wanted to be a journalist or some kind of writer. It’s what I enjoy doing the most. And that’s what I’m working for. And you reading this really makes my day, as it shows me I actually can do it. So, thank you ūüôā
I mean, a job is something we spend so many hours each day with, it should be something we really enjoy?! So make a plan and work towards your dream job!

Grownup checklist

Take care of your skin

This is something you should do all your life! Not just as a grownup, the earlier you start, the better. For me, good skin care classifies into three parts.

1. Your diet and lifestyle

Always wat with your skin in mind! Overly¬†processed /greasy food isn’t good for your complexion, so for every meal include something fresh. Great skin-saving foods are nuts & avocado (quality fats to¬†fight inflammation), carrots & kale (vitamin A to repair damaged skin), and apples & lemon (vitamin C to¬†help allergic skin reactions). And you should always drink enough water. I personally start every day with a cup warm lemon water. It makes me right awake and I saw results in my skin after a week. Other skin care lifestyle tips would include staying out of the sun (always use SPF!), get enough sleep (at least 8 hours each night) and work out regularly.

2. Finding the right products

This can be a¬†tough topic. As there are so many questions. How many products should I use daily? How to layer products? Which ingredients are the best for my skin type? The list goes on an on. First let me say, I’m no expert. I’m just a girl who is obsessed with skin care. You don’t need a 10+ step skincare routine (even though it wouldn’t harm). I found out a good rule of thumb is going from thin to thick. This way your lighter product skin in first and won’t be blocked out by thicker, heavier product). My daily go-to skincare products in their order of use are makeup remover, face wash, toner, serum, eye cream, moisturizer (+ SPF in the morning). ¬†When it comes to product ingredients I would say the fewer ingredients a product has- the better. But to find out what your skin really need I suggest you, see a specialist… which leads me to the next point.

3. Investing in treatments

Seeing a dermatologist or skin expert is the first thing you should probably do. This way you know exactly what your skin needs. They help you figure out a routine and even get your special treatments. Such as facials (Microdermabrasion, Microneedling, masks¬†etc.). ¬†Some of these treatments you can even make at home. I personally like to give my face a little spa day once a week (mostly Sunday). I exfoliate, apply a face mask and steam. It’s a simple thing to do and doesn’t cost much ( compared to a professional facial). But both are things you should spoil yourself and skin to regularly.

Grownup checklist
A few things to remember
  • We are not all running the same race
  • Everyone is making it up as they go
  • Stay true to yourself
  • Keep your future in mind
  • Don’t forget to have fun







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