Getting autumn ready

Getting autumn readyNow that autumn is officially here, it’s time to prep a little for the upcoming season – let’s get fall ready.

I guess it’s something I say every year (as well as most people from the northern hemisphere) but I’m really glad that there is a real change in season when it comes to autumn. I love how all the colors change and everything becomes slow and cozier. And as much as I adore summer and sunny beach days, staying inside cuddling on the sofa while watching spooky movies and drinking tea is THE BEST.

And after the hot and busy summer, I had this year, I’m even more ready for the homely season.

Over the last years, I always shared my getting ready for autumn / the colder seans guides. But for this year I want to give you less shopping ideas (as I’m sure you all have your own lists and ideas of what to shop for) and focus more on things to do in preparation for fall. So brew yourself a lovely cup of tea,  get cozy on your couch and light a (pumpkin spiced) candle- it’s time for the autumn spark.


Your overall autumn mood 

It started to feel like autumn just a few days ago. So I’m mostly still in full late summer swing. But to change that,
I gathered some easy but clever tips to get ready for fall

• Declutter and rearrange your wardrobe. Now that it is colder it’s time for knitted sweaters and boots again.

• Invest in some quality wardrobe pieces for your wardrobe. Like boots, jackets or a cozy scarf.

Change up your skincare, haircare and makeup routine. For me moisture is key. As well as settled.

• Buy autumnal flowers for your dining table, desk or coffee table. I especially like dahlias and sunflowers.

• Change out your decorations. Such as pillows, throws, wreath, books, prints or decorative ornaments.

• Hang up some fairy lights and decorate with candles. They give such a nice glow.



How to fight off a cold and what to do in autumn 

As I already mentioned, you can already find a few posts related to autumn on my blog. My favorites are the  ‘Things to do in autumn’ and the ‘Guide to surviving a cold’ 

But to fight off a cold in the first place and stay entertained during the cold and wet season, I suggest you invest in a good pair of boots to keep your feet warm and dry, knit yourself some wool socks and binge watch all the horror movies on Netflix while pinning all the fall ideas on Pinterest.


What’s on my autumn shopping list

I couldn’t not share my little autumnal lust list. So here you go. Haha. It’s just a few bits and bobs for the house, wardrobe, and beauty cabinet. But I would love to know what you think about those products. Are they worth the hype/price and what do you plan on buying this autumn?



Over the next few weeks, I will share some more autumn related posts on here as well as Christmas posts. Please let me know if there are some topics you want me to write about before the end of the year… as I would absolutely love to get back into bloggiong more regularly again! Hope you have a lovely weekend. Much love, Ilka x

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