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Get ready for autumn

As September is in full swing we finally have Autumn, kind of. It’s getting darker and colder, leaves slowly change color and you can cuddle up on the sofa as soon as you come home. Fall is my favorite season – without a doubt! As much as I love the warmth aka summer and the merry Christmas season. But Autumn is by far the best! That’s why I wanna to share with you my favorite pieces that made me super ready and excited for fall. What are your favorite items to get ready for autumn? I’d love to know. Leave a comment down below. x



Autumnal wardrobe additions

My favorite fall wardrobe staples, Ugg boots, chunky knits and soft flannels. As autumn in Germany is pretty cold max 15°C, so you really want to stay warm and cuddle yourself into soft cloth.


Make the home ready for autumn

Don’t neglect the home! As we finally / officially are in fall season it’s time to make the house all cozy and smelling like a pumpkin spiced latte. My favorites are comfy cushions and blankets, candles, and fairy lights. And as we ‘just’ moved into our new home –  I can’t wait to make it all cozy and start watching AHS with my boyfriend while drinking tea or hot cocoa.

If you’re on the hunt for some autumnal, low budget homeware. Check out my latest H&M homeware edit
Another thing I absolutely want this year is a bath and body works candle. Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow so when you’re from the US and want to help a girl out 😉 haha


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