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design idea mood board fun guest bedroom

My design idea if I would creat a fun guest bedroom atm 

Hi friends. I hope you’re well. This week I was browsing the new in section at the Maisons du Monde website and came along some AMAZING pieces! I started saving products and dreaming about creating / designing rooms in my head. This is one of them. I present to you: my design idea for a fun guest bedroom using only Maisons du Monde products. The vibe is warm, welcoming, and a little eclectic. 
I would complement the pieces with vintage finds and fresh roses. 

Unforunatly I don’t have a guest bedroom.   But how fun is it to dream (and to create mood / style boards). For a long time I thought you’re only “allowed” to create these boards if you actually plan on designing the rooms. What a sad belive. From now on you can exspect a few more idea boards from me.

You can shop this post

Bedframe, lamp, bedsite tables, cussion, couch, side table, mirror, vase, console, rug

Also make sure you check out their other new in items. They have some truly beautyful pieces. I will most devinitly buy a few bits and bobs for our home (real rooms I design). If you’re interested to see what I plan for my home + more design ideas, make sure you follow along on my living section. 

I hope you have a sunny Sunday (or whatever day it is when you read this) xx 

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