The IEB 2018 travel diary- Europe palette

It’s almost the end of the year, so I guess it’s a good time to look back and review my 2018 adventures with a little travel diary.

This year I have been extra lucky to travel not just ones but twice. My first trip was actually a work trip to Mallorca and my second one (just a day after I came back from Spain) was with my boyfriend to Croatia. Also, this time his year I didn’t take that many pictures while on holiday – or this year in general. I just enjoyed the sunshine, explored the cities and spend time with the people around me.


As I said, I went to Mallorca as a work trip. 10 days sunshine, beaches, and ice cream.  Yep, that’s my job sometimes. Haha. But we also explored the little city’s along the way and let me tell you, I’m obsessed with the color palette! It’s just how I imagine Rome or Venice to be (in terms of the colors). So many blush and brownish houses with cute little shutters and ornaments. And I’d love to come back here sometime.


Rijeka, Croatia

A few years ago, my boyfriend and I already visited Rijeka, Croatia. It has a really special charm with all the old architecture and textures. But to be totally honest, we spend most of our time on the beaches and wen’t out for dinner at night. Haha. Nothing too exciting, just two lovebirds enjoying a few days off.


The textures 

One of the main reasons I love exploring old European cities so much is the multitude of textures you can find.

The different structures from wood, stone, metal, tile, plants, and more is breathtaking. And I can’t wait for more adventures around Europe. What are your favorite countries or cities in Europe? I’d love to explore some more. Much love, Ilka x

IEB 2018 travel diary- Europe


Read my 2016 Rijeka travel diary, for some more photos of the city and area.

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