Detox Smoothie

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Detox Smoothie Recipe

Now, that Christmas with all it’s feasting is over and the new year started, it’s time to think about getting back on the healthy bandwagon. And what better way to start the new year than with a detox. To flush out all the toxins that have built up over the holidays.

I find it’s the easiest to get my fruits (and sometimes even veggies) in by drinking them. In the form of fresh pressed juices and smoothies. They fill me up, kickstart my morning and provide most of my vitamins. Mainly during the warmer month, I make myself a smoothie every morning.  But in winter, especially around Christmas, I find myself reaching for tea and coffee instead. So that I can stay warm and cozy. At this time of year, I find it really hard to motivate myself to drink something cold in the morning. So I have a glass of hot water with lemon beside my tea. And even though it’s still winter and super cold outside, I want to bring my smoothie back. Maybe not as the first thing in the morning, but after my hot lemon water and tea.

My go-to detox- morning smoothie can easily be prepared the night before so that, in the morning, you just need to blend all the ingredients together. Or, another tip, for making it quick in the morning, is using frozen fruits. You can cut and freeze them yourself, or buy already frozen fruit (such as raspberries or mango). And for a special,  YOGI TEA® gives my smoothies a rich flavor by adding ayurvedic spices and herbs.






There are dozens of recipes or variations on how to prepare a detox smoothie. I suggest you gather your favorite fruits and maybe veggies (such as spinach or kale) and start mixing. If you figure out another delicious formula make sure you tag me on Instagram using the hashtag #ilkaeliseb because I love to change up my smoothie every now and then. And if you use YOGI TEA® in your smoothie, such as I did. Make sure you tag them too, using #yogitea


Ingredients for the detox-morning smoothie: (2 glasses)

1 cup YOGI TEA® Detox Deine Seele 

2 teaspoon chia seeds

1 teacup Pineapple

1 Banana

1/5 Lemon

1,5 teacups Raspberries

Thumbnail big piece of ginger

1 teaspoon  coconut oil


  1. Prepare the tea as mentioned on the packaging (for a stronger flavor let infuse a little longer).
  2. 5-10 minutes before preparing the smoothie, let the chia seeds soak in the tea. This way the seeds become gelatinous and blend up well in the mixer.
  3. Peel and chop the banana, pineapple, and ginger. Pour minced ingredients together with the raspberries, pressed lemon, coconut oil, and tea-chia mix in the blender and mix unit smooth.


Last week I published my 2018 goals if you need some more motivation to kickstart the new year. Read the post here


* Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with YOGI TEA®. Meaning it is sponsored/I got paid to create and share this recipe. Furthermore, were the YOGI TEA® products given to me. As always, all thoughts are my own!




  1. 10. January 2018 / 14:31

    This looks tasty and nutritious! Will try this!

    • Ilka
      10. January 2018 / 18:24

      Thank you, Erika. And it is super easy to make. xx

  2. 8. January 2018 / 16:13

    Thats looks so tasty! I really need detox after this xmas ! Thanks for sharing!

    • Ilka
      8. January 2018 / 18:19

      Me too. All the Christmas food and sweets (plus almost no exercise). Hope you have a lovely (and healthy) 2018 xxx

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