Being a 20-something granny – and why that’s ok

Being a 20-something granny and why that's ok. I admit it, I’m a 20-something granny. I go to bed early, I enjoy being at home watching a film or series rather than going out, I knit and sometimes my back hurts. And that is totally fine. Not that my back hurts from time to time (I’m working on that, don’t worry), but that I enjoy a quiet, granny like lifestyle. Even though I’m just 26 years old.

First of all, It’s your life

Everybody is different. As some maybe enjoy having a wild Friday night out in the club you love staying at home, in your PJ’s, having a bath, dinner at 7 pm, a movie and then bedtime at about 9 pm. (Just like me). And that is absolutely ok! But don’t let anybody make you feel bad about how you like to spend your spare time. When you enjoy knitting – do so! If you hate going out – don’t let them force you. Because most likely you won’t enjoy it and it’s just a waste of time, money and energy. (not always! But I discovered this is often the case for me!) So be bold and embrace your inner granny.



Second, you cherish self-care

Your 20-something granny lifestyle may be a little unsocial sometimes, but you have a lot of time for self-care. *yay* Reading a book, taking a long hot bath, watching old movies or baking are things you love to do the most and as you stay home a lot (probably) you have plenty of time to do so. Another big self-care point is your bedtime routine. Like most granny’s you most likely go to bed before 10 pm (every night). Haha. which leads to a better night sleep and even has health benefits. Such as a healthier heart According to researchers at the Misao Health Clinic in Gifu, Japan, participants in a study who went to bed after midnight were found to have significantly more arterial stiffening (an early sign of heart disease) than those who climbed into bed at a more reasonable hour. 

Some signs that you are a 20-something granny too
  • You’ve loudly shushed someone talking over the radio/telly
  • You look at younger people and refer to them as children
  • You barely leave the house past 8 pm
  • You most likely walk around in a housecoat (or blanket) & slippers
  • You arrive 10 minutes early (always)
  • You hate Facebook and Facebook hates you
  • You love knitting


Do you feel like a 75-year-old trapped in a 20-something body? What are some of your favorite homebody activities?

Please keep in mind I don’t want to offend anybody. This post only reflects what I’m dealing with or how I feel. x


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  1. 20. December 2017 / 13:45

    I love this post! I can completely relate to every point you mentioned, this is something not enough people talk about, wonderful post lady 🙂

    • Ilka
      20. December 2017 / 19:20

      Aw, thank you so so much, Faye. Your sweet comment made my day (no week) ☺️ xxxx

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