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As you may notice, I have a cat. I love to live with her, talk about here and take pictures of her. But what I don’t like is smelling her or have others smell the cat – animal odor when entering my home. It’s not that she’s stinky or anything -in fact, she smells like nothing sometimes. However most times you can tell if somebody has a pet or not, simply by smelling the home. Not so in our house. And for that, I have 3 simple tips.
This post is developed in collaboration with anoxil all opinions are a 100% my own!

Fresh home - anoxic pet fresher

    1. air your home at least once a day! I always open every window in the morning and make sure we get a ton of fresh air inside (I do the same in the evening again). Throughout the day I open windows in between when I feel like we need more fresh air! The window in our bedroom is always on tipping – day and night.
    2. Make sure you keep the cat utensils clean. We feed our cat mostly dry food and occasionally fresh fish or meat but we clean her bowls every night! When you have an indoor cat like we have, you need to keep the litter box neat! We clean Ivy’s twice a day (morning & night) and when we’re at home and she pooped in there, we dispose of it immediately! No excuses! 
    3. A pet fresher. I luckily received the anoxil® pet fresher as a gift by a PR agency and tested it now for a few months – let me tell you: It is great. It’s organic and eco-friendly (without any colorant, fragrance aldehyde or alcohol). After cleaning my house, I simple spay a few splashes on our carpets, the sofa and Ivy’s scratching tree. Note: Our windows are open while I spray and even for a few minutes afterward!
      If you don’t want to buy a pet fresher, you can also use essential oils to refresh your home. My favorites are: lavender (for a calmness and relaxation), orange  (to energize) or mint (for a fresh, clean atmosphere).

How do you keep your home smelling good, even though you have pets? Leave me a comment below,  I would love to know! x


  1. 4. August 2017 / 20:14

    I have two dogs and a cat and I too struggle with the smells. We have been using carpet freshener and air freshener. But, I may consider using the product in your post. Thanks for the advice!

    Faye Jessica x

    • Ilka
      7. August 2017 / 17:21

      Thank’s Jessica- yes the smell when living with pets really is a struggle. But I highly suggest you to try the product. It’s really great and doesn’t really smell of anything. If you try it, tell me how you like it. Much love

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