6 stunning gold accent mirrors

Let’s talk accent mirrors. We all love a little gold and glam in our homes, don’t we? So what better way than to spice up our room as with an accent mirror. They reflect the light, which makes the room instantly look brighter and bigger (who doesn’t want that?!) and they double as a piece of art. win-win

I had a good look around my favorite online interior shops and collected my favorite gold accent mirrors. Now I just need to decide which will be the one for our new home.

Where do you love to buy furniture and especially mirrors? Let me know in the comments below. Much love, Ilka x

Gold accent mirrors

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  1. Elena – Port Main this is by far my favorite mirror in this collection. It is like no other mirror I have ever seen and makes for a really interesting conversation piece.
  2. Ella in Gold – WestwingNow aka the feminine. I’m obsessed with it’s airy and light texture. And it’s definitely a candidate for our new home (hope the boy doesn’t mind).
  3. Elsa in Gold -WestwingNow reminds me more of a piece of art than a mirror. The Elsa is a perfect unit to hang on a big wall or over a chest of drawers.
  4. Round Mirror (Gold) – H&M Home the budget friendly mirror in my assemblage but it doesn’t rank behind the others. It’s simple, slightly tropical style makes it a lovely, unisex friendly piece of furniture. Which, I’m sure, no male would mind having around the house.
  5. Julia in Gold – WestwingNow this accent mirror is the most golden. Its chunky gold metal frame reminds me of an Inca-inspired sun. Simple gorgeous.
  6. Cleo – Port Main last but not least, the Cleo from Port Main. I could picture this mirror as a bathroom (over the sink) mirror. Maybe a little unconventional, but every bathroom needs some polish too, don’t you think 😉


Other accent mirrors I love

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