Let me tell you a little bit about myself 

My name is Ilka and my profession is in social care. In my 20s I used to work a lot and haven’t taken care of my mental health the way I should have. I always followed the mantra “your 20s are for working”, so that’s what I did. And it took a global pandemic, as well as me turning 30, to take better care of myself. This is my story about mental and physical well being, self-care and nourishment. 

What I love: 

   1:  I’m a huge sunshine lover. I thrive in summer. 
   2:  My home is my save place.  
   3:  I’m a passionate gardener. I only have a balcony but I love growing flowers, herbs and veggies. 
   4:  Nourishing my body & mind gives me great pleasure. I love reading, pilates and hiking. 


My story on the blog

I started this blog way back in 2017.  Since then it had a lot of face lifts and many different purposes. But it always was my personal creative outlet. You can find all kinds of posts: Intentional beauty and self-care, home style, personal goals, recipes, and much more. 

Why at home! 

For this new phase of my life I set myself the mantra “living well at home!” It’s all about nourishing my body and mind. Eating good food, reading, gardening, moving my body and taking care of myself. All the things I do (mostly) at home. I just kind of came to me, like a vision.
So this is the vibe for my blog. And how it came to it’s new name.  

Thank you for following along my online journey. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out via Instagram or email me directly at hello@ilkaeliseb.com – I love to connect. 


With all my love. I’m truly happy you’re here – at home!