May goals

May this month be good…

Hi, friends, and happy second day of May. I can’t believe that April is over already. How is time under (semi) lockdown running so fast? Not much has changed though. I’m still crazy busy with work. The weather is still pretty cold and overcast (let’s hope May brings some warmth soon!). And or bedroom makeover is on hold, due to delivery problems. But it will continue / and hopefully finish this month!
 Also, it’s been a whole year since I gave my blog a makeover and I stuck to (almost) a whole year of monthly goal posts. Eeek! 

This month, besides my three standard goals (see below), I want to use my lovely Papier planner more again. In April I almost never used it, due to a crazy everyday work schedule and no other appointments. But this month, I want to get back into planning and organising my weeks. 


1: Get back onto the reading bandwagon. I’ve been pretty good with reading at the beginning of 2020. But last month I almost stopped completely. I finished only one book. (I know, shocking.) So this month, I plan on reading a lot more again, and I can’t wait! 

2: Run. run. run. I made a new (running) friend. One of hour house neighbours and I started running together. And it’s awsome to have a workout buddy. So we run around the lake whenever I’m off work. So for this month, I don’t plan to run around the lake alone, once or twice per week, but with Finja, my new running friend. We motivate each other to go outdoors and stay on track. 

3: Another room redo. As I already said in my April goals, I currently redo our bedroom. But I have already plans for our living-room. So as soon as the bedroom is ready, I’ll start on the new room. For now, it’s only prepping. (Creating mood boards, finding bits online, deciding on colours etc.) And I can’t wait for that! 


This maybe doesn’t sound like much, but I mean, how much can you do at the moment?! Hehe. What are your plans and goals for May?  

6 Kommentare

  1. 6. Mai 2020 / 09:11

    These are really good and realistic goals! I want to push myself to run too but it’s going to be so hard as I despise exercise! I hope it all works out well for you

    Marissa Belle | x

    • Ilka
      6. Mai 2020 / 09:37

      Thank you, Marissa. Haha, I know exactly what you mean. I’m so lazy and hate exercise… The first few times (or even weeks) is so hard, but it gets better. I promise!!! xxx

  2. 5. Mai 2020 / 10:29

    Awesome goals for this month! I love doing little revamps in my room and I’ve been helping having clear outs of cupboards and things in the house downstairs so it’s like a massive spring clean 🙂 Can’t wait to see a post on the room revamps!

    Shannon x

    • Ilka
      6. Mai 2020 / 07:52

      Thank you so much, Shannon. I love clearing out rooms, or organizing and cleaning in general. Hehe.
      Will share the bedroom as soon as it’s ready. xxxx

  3. 4. Mai 2020 / 15:10

    I am so excited to see this room redo – I am hoping for a big reveal post!!

    I haven’t made any plans for May as I have so many uni assignments coming up so I will need to focus entirely on them!

    Here’s to a great May xx

    • Ilka
      4. Mai 2020 / 16:17

      The big reveal post is already planned. Can’t wait to share!
      Oh I know that feeling, I have only one more assignment and after that, I’m done for the next couple of month. Yay.
      Good luck with your uni work! xxxx