March goals

Sprin has sprung … 

How is it already March? 2020 is going so quick. I can’t believe it!
I’m busy as always, with college assignments & papers, work and life admin. As I already teased last month, I have some exciting collaboration work coming. Keep your eyes open. 😉 

1: A trip to Copenhagen. At the end of March J and I have a city trip to Copenhagen planned. Eeeek! I’m so excited, can’t wait. If you have any suggestions, pls let me know. I already started researching for Copenhagen cafes, museums and shops. But I’d love to hear your favourite spots in the city.

2: More piercings. I want to keep my ear party going. So for this month, I plan on getting a few more piercings in my left ear. We’re talking second hole and conch as well. Maybe more… 

3: Spring clean. I’m always in the mood for cleaning. Haha, that’s maybe a little strange (saying it out loud / typing it makes me realise). But I’m genuinely excited. I already ordered myself a steam mop. And it’s the best investment in a while. So in March, I plan on deep cleaning our flat. Is that something you’re interested in? If so, let me know. 

Plus, getting the balcony spring ready. Yay! It’s almost time for gardening again. Illi-Don is back! (Yup, that’s a really bad Monty Don reference *cringe*). Haha. 


That’s it for now. As I said, I have a collaboration with a great (sustainable) skincare brand planned. The post will be up sometime next week. Besides the skincare post, I plan on a few more beauty related posts. Yup, that’s new terreory for me. But I’m ecxited to give it a try. Hope you’ll enjoy it. *fingers crossed*