Life lately (July goals)

Long time no see… 

I really thought I’ll be able to keep up with blogging (and Instagram) but the last two months, and especially the last 4 weeks, have been the busiest EVER! I’m working non-stop. I even forgot to publish posts I had ready to go. That’s why I posted my work from home essentials a few months too late, as everybody is slowly easing back into “normal” life. But well. It is what it is.


This year is the first year in three years I’m not on vacation in July. But I pray for a sunny getaway in late October. Haha, you could say it’s one of my October goals.  That’s why I choose to use some old pictures I took on Mallorca, Spain two years ago. 



A new direction 

This is kind of a heads up- 

Besides being super busy with work. I realized that my online appearance (meaning my Blog and Instagram) doesn’t fit my style and life any longer! That’s why I decided it’s time for a change, once again. 

If you’re a long time reader you know, that I gave my blog a new appearance a little over a year ago. I still really like the design but as I said, it doesn’t suit me any longer. Especially the pink and girly aesthetic. Everything will be more natural. And I can’t wait to work on that. 

The image on the left is a mood board for what type of content and aesthetic I plan on sharing in the future. Earthy tones, textures, effortless style and real moments. 


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July goals: 

These are the goals and things I’ve planned for this month. And even though it’s already the end of July I wanted to share them with you. 

1: Drink less coffee. As you may already know, I’m a coffee addict. I drink multiple (more than 5 cups) per day. And I wanted to regulate myself and only have 2 cups per day. Which went pretty good, for like a week. But with work being so busy I’m back to drinking my normal amount of coffee (if not more). I mean, it’s a crazy idea to reduce coffee intake when you’re super busy. Hehe. 

2: Regular workouts. Besides running I started doing small at-home workouts for flexibility and core strength. And it’s going pretty well. My favourites are by Blogilates via Youtube. 

3: Grow out my natural hair colour and texture. For the longest time, my hair was bleached. Which caused my waves/curls to go straight. But with the hairdressers being closed and no place to go (besides work) I started to grow out the blonde. And it’s and feels so much healthier already. 


  1. 26. July 2020 / 12:04

    Work has been really busy for me too lately and I think it’s been stress that caused me to get sick this week. Luckily, I’m on the mend and doing much better now though! I hope you’re keeping well despite being so busy. It’s important to rest and take time out for ourselves. 🙂

    I’m excited to see your new blog layout! I still love pink, though I think I’ve always enjoyed a more neutral colour palette with pops of colour here and there. I’m so flattered to see my photo in your mood board! I’m glad I could give you a bit of inspiration!

    I hope you’re going well with your monthly goals. I started working out at the beginning of the month doing Blogilates videos too, but then I got sick and wasn’t well enough to keep exercising. I’ll try to get back into it next week though. It always feels really good to work up a sweat!

    Tenneil | Like Neon Love

    • Ilka
      26. July 2020 / 13:27

      Oh no, I hope you feel better, Tenneil. I have the Sunda off and it’s even sunny. We have the absolute worst summer, it’s barely ever over 20 degrees Celcius plus rainy all the time. So I try to soak up every ray of sunshine I can get.

      Blogilates videos are my favourites. They aren’ too tiring and long. And I love the uplifting style. Did one this morning. Haha.

      Ohhh, you’re so welcome. I always feel so so inspired by all your images and blog posts. Your style is so beautiful! And I’m sorry that I didn’t credit you. I love pink too and I really enjoy seeing it. But it’s not me. At least not the majority of the time. Just as a little colour pop here and there. Can’t wait for August aka slower times. So that I can start working on the new layout and all.

      Much love, Ilka xxx

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