June goals

Hi June, 


and hi everybody else. How is it June already? I have absolutely no idea. Time is running by so quickly this year. It’s crazy! And I have the feeling, that, especially lately with the staying at home “order” and uncertainty, most of my monthly goals are similar to each other. So for this month, I cant to challenge myself and step up the goals. So here are three goals I want to accomplish over the next 30 days.  

1: Be active on Social Media (Instagram) every day. And by that, I don’t just mean liking and commenting on others posts. But creating content for my feed and stories. Whenever I’m on the app, I enjoy it. But sometimes I find it particularly hard to log in. So for June, I want to create myself a little posting schedule. And stick to it! *fingers crossed* 

2: Have fresh flowers and steams on the coffee and dining table at all times! This shouldn’t be too hard. I just got myself some gardening scissors, so that I can get myself fresh greenery and blooms from the outdoors. They bring me so much joy, and with being home almost all the time. Why shouldn’t I? I mean, aren’t those peonies so beautiful?  

3: An IKEA trip. I’m not a huge IKEA fan and I really don’t enjoy going at the moment. But we desperately need (ok, that’s totally exaggerated) doors for our Billy bookcase in the living room. And I also want to buy a few more frames. So this month I will drive to IKEA (or pay the excessive shopping costs) and get the doores and frames!!! Wish me luck. 

What are some of your June goals? Anything special you want to cross off of your list? Or any IKEA recommendations?  
I hope you have a lovely start in this hopefully, warmer month. Much love, Ilka