Happy 2020! January goals

New year, same me…  

Hello and welcome back. I hope you had a lovely Christmas break and fun New Years Eve. No matter what that means. My favourite way to start a new year is in my pyjamas, with a face mask and hot cuppa tea. But this year it was my turn to work into the new year. So J and I had. a fun little New Years Eye party with the kids from work. We ate cream-filled doughnuts, played board games and light almost a million sparklers. Not a bad way to welcome the new year, to be honest. Which leads us to today, one of my favourite days of the year. January first. A fresh new year. With a fresh new calendar and all sorts of plans and goals.

For 2020 I want to manifest three mantras. I will
  • enjoy more quality time!
  • stop being so hard on myself!
  • take good care of myself (inside and out)!

But, like last year, I want to share more in-depth monthly goals with you. To keep you in the loop and for myself, to visualise my own aims.

This January I want to focus on following things. 

1: Take it slow. To be honest, the last two months have been stressful. I felt bad for not finding the time to blog, post on my Instagram or engage with my dear online friends. I had a lot of college obligations, such as papers to finish and presentations to hold. Work was a pure nightmare sometimes, with the longest hours and really grumpy kids. So this one goes hand in hand with my second and third mantra. I want to relay a little more (without feeling stressed because I’m “lazy”). I want to read a lot of books. Enjoy every spare minute. Visit my friends. Don’t stress so much if I do not get straight A’s in every class. Watch sunsets. Go on runs with J. And most importantly treat my blog as a hobby again. This isn’t a side-hustle. And that’s totally okay! I just want to enjoy creating again.

2: Book in some self-care. As you can see. All my gaols are connected to one another. For Christmas, I got a spa appointment from my mum, which I need to sheudle. I also really want to go to the hairdressers for a new year fresh up. And I also want to start laser hair removal (sorry if that’s TMI) haha. But a friend of mine started it last year and she loves the results. So I’ll give it a go too.

3: Step up my creative game. Additionally to treating my blog as a hobby. I want to get more creative. Take more pictures. Improve my editing. But I also want to enhance my styling and train my aesthetic sense. And my blog and Instagram will be the outlet for all the wonderful creative things to come.


Yeah. That’s it for the first day of the new year. I hope January gives you all the motivation and power you need to tackle your goals, duties and expectations. Much love, Ilka x