February goals

You are so loved …


Happy love-month aka February. I know, it’s such a cliche, all the Valentines hustle and bustle. But I must admit, I love it! I mean, why wouldn’t you? A whole month just dedicated to love. Sounds awesome to me.


1: Spread love. As it’s February/Valentines month I want to make an extra effort and send out cards to all my friends. This maybe sounds cheesy, but I absolutely adore getting letters and postcards. And I want to make it a habit again. But for now, it’s postcards of appreciation for my girls.

2: Bake more. I used to really enjoy baking but lately, I fell off the baking train. But I want to hop back on it and maybe even bake a cake. Who knows. And if not, banana bread and cookies sound also really tempting.

3: Collaboration work. Eeek. I’m really excited about this one. As I told you last month, I wanted to step up my creative game again. And I’m really happy to tell you, that two of my favourite companies have reached out to me and asked if I’m interested in working with them (again). I had so much fun creating content for/with them and I’m proud to share this with you. 2020 is off on a good start.

What are your goals for this February? Anything special or love related? I’d love to hear all about it. Much love, Ilka x


PS:  I plan on doing a lot more reading in 2020. Are you guys interested in more regular reading updates? Or are the occasional book posts enough? I’m talking my reading list, books I loved, what I’m currently reading and so on. If you’re as much into reading as I am.. pls make sure to hit me with your recommendations and all things book related Q&A’s.