April goals

On the agenda for April…

I can’t believe it’s finally April. Last month felt like forever. Being trapped indoors slowly taking a toll (even on me). With the weather slowly being nicer and warmer I crave spending time outdoors. Luckily we have two balconies. So let’s pray we all can get back to normal/outdoor life soon.


1: My spring cleaning is in full swing. I already finished most of the inside of our flat plus one of our two balconies. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll continue to get the balcony sorted and even start planting some early herbs and veggies. And as for indoors, I feel the need to update/rearrange or living- and bedroom. So I’m sorting through everything and making a big game plan on what I want to change. 

2: Stay busy, stay positive. For me, one of the most important things to stay sane and positive is to have a plan and stick to it. Last month I really struggled some days with seeing the good and being productive. So for April I write a long to-do list with all the things I can, and probabbly will do. So that I always have something to do.

3: Running. I think this one is an ongoing goal of mine. And I’m (most times) pretty good with staying on top of my running/fitness routine. But lately, I lacked the motivation to move my body. Mostly because it was so cold again. But now, with spring finally being around, I want to go back to running twice a week! 


What are your goals for April? I hope you could take some inspiration from this post. If you need and more encouragement for things to do indoors (while social distancing), make sure you check out my blogpost about three indoor activities. I wish you all the best, and stay save. Ilka x