September goals

Birthday month goals… 


 A few years ago, for my 25th birthday, I wrote down some goals I want to archive before I turn 30. I’m not thirty yet but I wanted to take the chance and take stock. 

The goals (things I want to do/achieve) before I turn 30: 

1: go skydiving  

2: get married to my best friend 

3: travel outside of Europe

4: an Italy road trip 

5: have a kid 

So I would say, I’m doing pretty well. The kid is postponed for now (but you never know). And I would absolutely love to go on a road trip through Italy next autumn. *fingers crossed*  

Big Virgo energy…

This month, with my birthday being tomorrow my goals are a little less big (not as the huge “before 30 goals”). The main goal for September is getting organized and ahead of all my deadlines and chores. 

1: So, as I already said, this month is all about planning and getting ahead of things. With college and work, I have a pretty tough timetable (around 55-60 hours per week). Which requires me being super organized and up to date with all my chores. So for today, I plan on writing a list with all the most important things and stuff that needs to be done. #planner-goals 

2: Something else I want to do (and which has a top spot on my monthly to-do list), is getting my ears pierced. For quite some time now, I plan on making an appointment for some ear candy. And I can’t wait to buy all the fresh jewelry and show you my new bling. 

3: Lastly, I want to get our wedding pictures framed and craft a wedding memory book. Today is our 1 month wedding anniversary. I can’t believe its already been a month since we been to New York and got married. Eek! I already posted a few wedding pictures on my Instagram, in case you missed them. 


That’s it for now. What are your September goals? Do you have anything special planned? Ilka x 

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  1. 1. September 2019 / 15:04

    I love your “Before 30” goals list Ilka, you’ve really done well to tick off some big and amazing things! I hope your September goes accordingly to your plans and that you have the most amazing birthday! ✨

    • 10. September 2019 / 14:16

      Thank’s so much Faye. Yea, I already managed to tick off a few things. Hopefully, I can convince J to go on the Italy road trip with me next autumn (2020) My birthday was lovely. I had a really relaxed day, nothing fancy. xxx