October goals

Embracing Autumn…


How is it already mid-October (like actually?) – I have absolutely no idea! As you may have guessed, I had a busy couple of months. I’ll explain in a bit.  But first I want to share my goals for this month with you. So here we go. 


1: Buy a 2020 planner and start setting up some dates. I already have so many appointments for next year, which are piling up somewhere in my diary. Wedding and birthday invitations, some self-care/beauty appointments and more. So many exciting things to come. 

2: Binge a new season of American Horror Story. J and I always watch the season from the prior year (so last year’s season). And I can’t wait for cozy evenings at home. Cuddling on the couch, eating autumnal popcorn mix, and drink hot chocolate.  

3: Last week I switched up my wardrobe. From warm-weather clothes to a/w attire. And let me tell you, it’s time for a shopping trip. I really need new outerwear (a work approved jacket, mine is cream and let me tell you, a cream white winter jacket is not a good idea when working with kids. Haha!). Other than a jacket I also need some new sneakers. I  want to stock up on some more basics. Like a new pair of jeans, a cashmere sweater, and I really want a classic black silk cami. Besides new clothes, I also want to invest in a new perfume and some jewelry. Yess. It’s shopping time (for myself), before the Christmas season hits. And I spend all my money on presents. 

Where have I been… 

As promised, a little inside on where I’ve been and what’s going on over here. 

You may have noticed, I disappeared for a little while. Almost two months to be exact. It’s not that I lost interest in blogging or Instagram. It’s just that I’m really busy right now. With college, a full-time job, personal life etc. and can’t be bothered to log into my blog or Instagram after a 12 hour day (sometimes even more).

The picture on the left is of me a few weeks ago. Right before I left for college + work after that. Like most of my days. I’m packed and out the door by 8 am and won’t be home before 9 pm. But I love it. I enjoy working so so much and college really gives me so many new impulses for my job and general. It’s something I thrive on.

This is not me saying sorry or this won’t happen again. Because I can guarantee you, it will. And that’s totally ok!

My busy bee to-do list: October

-write two papers
-make a presentation for a project
-finish the project
-Write a diary/documentary for a course

So yeah. That’s what’s going on over here. Married life is a blast. I’m busy with a whole lot of college obligations. And work is busy too (as we have a school holiday in October and I have to work lobber hours). But all is good and I try to log onto here more often again. 

Hope you have a happy Monday. Ilka, x