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The best phone cases  {like ever} 

Hello friends. Today I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite brands – Nunuco Design

I already collaborated with Nunuco a few times in the past but I was super excited as they reached out again and asked if I want to share them with you guys (this is kinda of an ambassadorship, but not really. Nunuco was so kind as to send me some cases and will in the future, in return for me to share them on my Instagram and Blog. I already briefly talked about it in this post). As I already used Nunuco cases nonstop for the last 5ish years. -Because honestly, they are THE. BEST.  I agreed. So here we go. Everything you need to know about the brand and how much I love (and tested) them.

As I already said, I use their cases since 2014, when I discovered them via Instagram (they have a lovely feed btw).  I’m obsessed with their fun and colorful designs. The collection reaches from florals, astrology, fruits, and patterns. And they even got a Friends case. All in beautiful handmade watercolor designs. 

As far as protection goes. My phone never (and I can’t say it enough) MY PHONE NEVER had any issues after I dropped it. And to be honest, I drop my phone at least 3-5 times per day. Oops. Maybe it’s just because I’m really lucky. But both my phones (iPhone 5 and iPhone 7+) never even had a scratch in the display. The Nunuco cases are made of really sturdy rubber with a hardened back, which holds the phone nicely. Plus, they have raised edges, to protect the screen (hens why my phones still have no scratches, I believe). Another cool feature is the rough-texture on the sides, which provide a good grip. All in all, I’m obsessed with the quality of the cases and can in all conscience suggest you check out their iPhone cases! 

Who is Nunuco Design? 

As I already mentioned, I discovered Nunuco ages ago. But here are a few quick facts about the brand.

  • launched in 2014. Nunuco is a Finish design company. 
  • they provide not just iPhone cases. But also planners (which I love), stickers and even tote bags.
  •  original handmade watercolor designs. 
  • they ship to over 50 countries worldwide. 
  • have been featured in lifestyle blogs (such as Lauren Conrad) and magazines like Elle and Vanity Fare. 
  • and they are “Anything but ordinary.”

*addendum: they now also offer custom work (like party invitations) YAY

They just launched their 2019 spring/summer collection with lovely new designs (such as the ones I got – Sushi, Pink Marble, Palm Spring) and many more. They even got new tote bags in stock. So you can match your phone with your bag. How cool is that?! 

* This post contains gifted products!

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  1. 19. Mai 2019 / 11:31

    Those cases are so so beautiful! I adore the sushi one you chose hehe. It’s so lovely to hear a bit more about the brand too. Lovely post as always xx

    • 19. Mai 2019 / 11:41

      Thank you so so much, Sofia. It’s great to get such lovely feedback. I’m obsessed with the cases. And the designs are just stunning.
      Ilka xx