A New York diary

The city of dreams… 

I wanted to travel to New York for the longest time in my life. Whenever someone asked me where I wanted to go or where I would like to live (for a period of time in my life) the answer always has been New York City! 

And this year, finally, we traveled around the world to explore my favorite city and also got married while we were there. 

A morning spent in China Town 


One of my favorite mornings (besides the morning we got married, of course) was the time we spend in China Town. 

We wandered around the streets, stopped for breakfast and bubble tea at a little Chinese bakery and watched the streets come to life.

My suggestions for a visit to China town are:  

1: Come early in the morning (before 10 am). This way you can explore the streets before they’re too crowded with people. Which is really good if you want to take pictures.

2: Try the matcha sponge cake at Fay Da Bakery. It’s delicious! We ordered a few different Asian pastries, and bubble tea and took them out onto a bench to enjoy breakfast in the sun.

3: Take your time. Even though China Town isn’t that big, there is a lot to explore. So many different stores, restaurants, and architectural landmarks. It’s like a whole other country, just inside New York. 


All the Chines influences made me dream about an Asia vacation. Guess we need to start planning a trip to Tokyo.


A week in New York City 

These are just a few images that sum up our stay in New York just perfect. We took way more images than that. But most of them aren’t “blogging style” and we’ll just put them into a picture album for ourself to enjoy. 


A few facts and things we did: 


– we stayed at the Made Hotel, in the center of Manhattan. And it was brilliant!

– we walked more than 150km (even though we took the subway a lot as well).  

– the weather was great. 30+ degrees every day. 

– I got a sore throat from all the AC. 

– we visited the American History Museum. And now I’m obsessed with dinosaurs. Rawr. 

 – my favorite building is (and will ever be) the Empire!

– we walked the High Lane and had coffee in the sun while over watching a crossroad. 

– we went to times square at “night”. And it was bright as daylight. 

– I smashed my phone. Dropped it on my way down to the subway (it fell down all the steps till the end). 

– we took the Staten Island Ferry and saw the Statue of Liberty. 

– we went to Brooklyn and eat at the Smorgasburg Food Market + thrift shopping. 

– I stood in front of the Holly Golightly Apartment. Now I can die in peace.

– we ate Hot Dogs, and Pizza, and Bagles, and Doughnuts, and Rahmen. Yum! 

– and we got married. ♡

So, that’s it. More or less. 

We had the best holiday ever. And I can’t wait to share a separate post with all the wedding pictures and maybe a few details (if you’re interested?!). I hope this post and images bring you a little joy. Because I will cherish those memories forever and wanted to share a few of them with you guys. This also won’t be my last trip to New York. I absolutely can’t wait to go back- maybe for Christmas in a few years?!?! Ilka x